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Tricep push ups

Primary muscle: Triceps

Make sure hands are closer than shoulder width to engage the entire tricep in the exercise. Chest should be lowered almost completely to the ground. Maintain controlled breath by taking inhalations on the lowering of your body and exhalations as you press your body back up into starting position.

If you are new at this exercise and do not have the strength to perform it, you can either bend your legs at the knees to take off resistance, or perform the exercise against the wall instead of the floor. For more advanced lifters, you can place your feet at a high surface such as a bench in order to increase the resistance.

Triceps push ups 1 1. Kneel on the floor as if ready to assume a plank or normal push-up position.

Triceps push ups 22. Place your hands out in front of you closer than shoulder width for a close hand position.
Triceps push ups 33. Lift into push up position, keeping your hands in position.
Triceps push ups 44. Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale.
Triceps push ups 55. Using your triceps and some of your pectoral muscles, press your upper body back up to the starting position and squeeze your chest. Breathe out as you perform this step.