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Tricep cable press down

Primary Muscles Worked: Triceps brachii, Trapezius

This exercise allows  you to isolate and build your tricep muscles.  It is performed on a machine and in a seated position.  The tricep is the muscle most responsible for pushing movements in your arms and also is the stronger of your two upper arm muscles.  Therefore, it’s important to strengthen this muscle, and by using this exercise you will improve your ability for lifting, pushing, and other arm movements.

Triceps Cable Press Down 11. Stand facing a cable column with a hip width stance.

2. Attach a short bar onto the cable and adopt an over-hand grip.

Triceps Cable Press Down 23. Keeping a neutral spine with the elbows at the side, straighten the arms so that the bar is able to rest on the upper thigh.

4. Return to the start position.