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Standing dumbbell calf raise

Primary Muscles Worked: Calves

This exercise helps to develop strong calf muscles. For the best results perform two sets on each side for a total of four sets. The exercise allows you the freedom to choose your dumbbell weight, but be sure to challenge yourself! Also, always be sure to keep your knees straight but not locked.

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise 41. Stand on the edge of an exercise step or a gym machine letting your heels drop below its surface.

2. Hold a heavy dumbbell in your left hand and grab a nearby wall or other structure for support with your right hand.

3. Raise the heels off the surface as you exhale by contracting the calves. Hold the top contraction for a second.

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise 2

4. As you inhale, go back to the starting position by slowly lowering the heels.

5.When your set is through, move the dumbbell to the other hand and repeat. Complete two sets per side for a total of four sets.