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Tuck jumps

Primary Muscles Worked: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutes, Calves (secondary), Abductors (secondary), Adductors (secondary)

This is a plyometric exercise that is most appropriate for athletes because it helps improve the jumping power and flexibility of legs. It also strengthens the circulatory system. Remember to warm up before you start, otherwise you are more susceptible to injuries.

Tuck Jumps 011. Begin in a natural standing position, arms by your sides and with your knees slightly bent.

Tuck Jumps 3
 2.Dip down into a squat, this will be the jumping position.Try to get the balance with your arms as the image shows.
Tuck Jumps 43. Then jump as high as you can, raising your knees up while you are on the air trying to reach your chest.
Tuck Jumps 2
4. Then ensure a good land, absorbing impact through bending your knees into the described jumping position.