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Dynamic lunges

Primary Muscles Worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus

If you’re going to do a dynamic lunge, it is important to do it correctly so you do not overextend your knees or hips. The leading leg and knee should extend to about a right angle, 90 degrees. Keep the chest lifted to maintain a neutral spine and then return to starting position. Throughout the exercise, keep knees in line with toes and front heel down. Try to do it for 60 seconds.

Dynamic Lunge 1


1. Stand with both feet together and with your right leg take a long step forward. Bending the back leg move your back knee towards the floor, your front knee should not go further forward than your toes.

Dynamic Lunge 2


2. Your back knee should go down to an inch off the floor but not touch. Push off your right foot and return to start.

Dynamic Lunge 3


3. Repeat, stepping forward with your left leg so you keep moving alternating both legs.