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Wide arm push ups

Primary Muscles Worked: Pects, Deltoids, Abs

In this spin-off from the classic push up, wide arm push ups position your elbows slightly flared outward, giving your shoulders and chest muscles a more difficult workout. Because wide pushups allow you to engage your pectoral muscles, this will help build upper body strength and allow you to increase your range of motion. Additionally, with wide push ups, your body tenses your abdominal muscles and contracts them with each push up.  As a result, you will tend to burn more calories and increase strength in your abs.

Wide Arm Push Ups 11. Begin with hands flat on the ground and knees bent resting on the ground. Aim to keep your wrists facing forwards, with your fingers wide apart. When ready, extend your feet out to a full pushup position. Shoulder widths apart.

Wide Arm Push Ups 22. Lower your chest down, no lower than two inches from the floor, taking your elbows out to your side in order to maximize the benefits to your chest muscles. Avoid arching your back, or lifting your bottom in the air, focus on keeping the movement smooth and under control. You should aim to perform a repetition every 2 seconds.