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Toe touch

Primary Muscles Worked: Obliques, Rectus Abdominis

The toe touch works your abdominal muscles through spinal flexion – bending your spine in a forward motion to reach your toes. During the exercise, try to keep legs straight as possible and use smooth, slow motions while lifting your arms towards your toes.  Alternative options to this exercise: use one leg at a time, or if holding your legs up is too difficult, you can lean your heels against a wall.

Toe touch 11. Lay your back on the ground or a fitness mat. Lift your legs, until they are perpendicular with the floor.

Toe touch 22. Keep knees slightly bent and feet together. Stretch out your arms above your head, and brace your abs. Lift head and shoulders, (shoulder blades should come off the ground while lower back remains on the floor).
Toe touch 33. Touch the opposite foot with one hand (target: obliques) or the tiptoes with both hands. Then, lower the upper body slowly, but do not completely, and rest it on the ground. Repeat.
Alternative options:

1. If you only use one leg, the exercise becomes easier.

2. If holding your legs up is too difficult for you, you can lay your heels against a wall instead of lifting them with each repetition.