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Plank get ups

Primary muscles: Shoulders, Pecs, Triceps, Lower back, Abs

Make sure to keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. Keep your body straight and bottom lowered throughout the exercise.

Plank gets-ups 11. Start in full plank position (legs extended behind you, abs engaged, toes tucked under and arms straight with palms on the ground in front of you).

Plank gets-ups 32. Drop right elbow, forearm, and palm to the floor, keeping elbow directly under shoulder.
Plank gets-ups 23. Repeat on left side, moving yourself into a modified plank position.
Ejer 10 Plank gets-ups 06 copia4. Then straighten right arm, placing right palm on floor (returning to full plank position on that side).
Plank gets-ups 45. Then straighten left arm, placing right palm on floor (returning entire body to full plank position).