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Mountain climbers

Primary Muscles Worked: Hip Flexors, Upper Arms, Abs

Mountain climbers are a calesthenic exercise that challenge your coordination, agility and balance.  This exercise is similar to a plank, activating many different muscle groups all at once.  Begin by laying face down on the floor and straighten arms to a plank.  From there bring each knee to chest and alternate right and left for 60 seconds.  Be sure to brace your core and keep your back neutral.

Be sure of the following:

1. Be sure to keep your legs stretched out, ensuring that they are properly lined up with the rest of your body.

2. Pay special attention to your knees as many people tend to create a gap here but that should be avoided.

Mountain Cimbers 11. Start the exercise by lying face down on the floor. To lift your body, be sure that your hands are directly under your chest at a width that is slightly more than your shoulder length distance.

Mountain Cimbers 22. Once you have settled into the proper position, bend your right knee and bring it up in the direction of your right hand (this would be a similar position to the one if you were climbing a mountain or tree (hence the name) except horizontal instead of vertical).
Mountain Cimbers 33. After bringing your right knee up, return it to the original position and do the previous step with your left leg.