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Boxer sit ups

Primary Muscles Worked: Abs, Shoulders

Boxer situps’ key benefit is the effect it has on your core muscles, specifically your abdominal muscles.  When performing the exercise, the position of your body places resistance on your abdominals.  This resistance of the situps on your midsection creates microscopic tears in the muscle tissue, activating muscle-building.

Boxer Sit-Ups 11. Start seated on the floor/mat sitting straight up, with heels touching the ground in front of you.

Boxer Sit-Ups 22. Use your abdominal muscles to lower yourself to the floor.
Boxer Sit-Ups 33. Continue your abdominal hold to lift yourself back up. This should be a single, fluid motion in which you scoop out through your center as you peel your spine off the floor. Your feet should not come off the floor as you do this, nor your back arch.
Boxer Sit-Ups 44. From the top of your sit-up, punch your right arm diagonally across your body to the left, opening your elbow and fully extending your arm as you punch. Your upper body can turn slightly with your punch, but should not fully twist.
Boxer Sit-Ups 56. Come back to center and punch your left arm diagonally to your right, and then return to center.
7. From the center, lower your upper body back to the floor, controlling your downward motion through your core.
8. Repeat the entire sequence for one minute and alternate cross-punches.