As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, the approaching days of summer linger on everyone’s minds.  For some this means, a break from school, others it means trips to the lake, tiki torches, and picnics, but it also lends to swimsuits, strapless tops, and short shorts.  The most focused on area as summer approaches, is a flat stomach.  While the best approach would be a clean diet, lifting weights, and early morning cardio intervals, many are in search of a quick fix.

And one of those quick fixes gaining popularity is the sauna belt.  The sauna belt claims to be a spot-reducing weight loss device.  The belt can fasten around your abdomen, thighs, or any other problem area.  There are many different types of sauna belts.  The most popular belts claim to emit far infrared heat or thermogenic heat through coils to penetrate deep into the body and improve circulation, increase metabolism, emulsify fat cells, and push out harmful toxins, stored in fat cells.  Almost all of the sauna belts require electricity for use and heat up to temperatures, ranging from 34 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius, and include a shut off time of approximately 50 minutes.  Many are made with a sweat-inducing material connected by a Velcro attachment, and are a one size fits all claim.

There is no scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of sauna belts, but many people speak of their personal success in using them along with a workout regimen and healthy eating plan.


will I lose weight with a sauna belt


– Easy to use, requires little time and effort

– Mess free

– Inexpensive, reusable

– Convenient, transportable. Can be hidden under clothes and used all day-while at work, working out, or traveling

– Minimizes cellulite appearance

– Good for a short-term skin tightener in problem areas

– Universal fit for men and women


– Can cause chafing, acne, or heat rash

– Can be uncomfortable

– Increases risk of heat-related illness

– Overexposure to belt can cause dehydration

– Can cause electrolyte imbalance which may cause cramping

– Does not provide long-term results

– Not scientifically proven to be effective

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