Do you know why you need probiotics? The human body contains 20 plus trillion bacteria and the makeup of this complex microbial ecosystem is closely linked with our immune function.

Probiotics contain strains of beneficial bacteria and many of these bacteria are strongly anti-inflammatory. Because chronic low grade inflammation is at the root of weight gain, disease and premature aging, it’s helpful to keep a proper balance of good bacteria in your gut.

So in effect, you can think of probiotics as balancing agents for harmful bacteria such as E coli and candida.


Good bacteria can be wiped out by various factors such as stress, illness, medications and diet, and taking the right probiotics can restore balanced gut function quickly and easily. For instance antibiotics may deplete the bad bacteria bit also the very bacteria that aid your immune system.

This leaves you ripe for a reoccurrence of your symptoms.

As research continues with discovering how important gut health is,  interest has grown for how beneficial probiotics can be for many aspects of your overall well-being.

Some of the strongest benefits of taking probiotics are the following:

Immune system: 70% of your immune system is in your gut. When your GI function is disturbed so is your overall health and ability to fight disease.

Mood: the majority of your serotonin (your feel good hormone) is produced in your gut. New research is showing that taking probiotics can help to relieve depression and anxiety.

– Medications can disrupt your intestinal flora. Probiotics can quickly come to the rescue saving you from an overgrowth of yeast.

– Food sensitivities such as lactose intolerance are reduced.

– Aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients

– Reduces seasonal and environmental allergies

– If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about probiotics, here’s great news…

Probiotics can aid weight loss!

The inflammatory response

In my practice we test food sensitivities and eliminate the foods which can cause an inflammatory response. Simple, seemingly healthy foods, like strawberries, asparagus, oatmeal, yogurt and salmon can cause an immediate reaction which triggers weight gain, depression or anxiety and health symptoms.

I want my clients to lose weight and heal as quickly as possible and my goal to is always have them take a probiotic at the first sign of gas or bloating and whenever there is weight gain.

why you need probioticsThis allows them to easily lose any weight gained and prime their bodies for quicker weight loss, best mood and health.

When looking for probiotics you should have many strains of bacteria, just having one or two lessens your chances of it being the types you would need to restore gut function particular to your needs.

Remember how you used to be able to blithely knock back pizza and cakes and now you just look at food and gain weight?

That’s because digestive function starts to slow as we age, you lose digestive enzymes, stomach acid and even saliva decreases. Having a probiotic on hand can turn you back to the digestive wonder you were in your teens.

Here’s an overview of a few probiotics I like to see in formulations.

L. acidophilus is important for digestion, immune health, urinary tract and vaginal health. Provides relief from gas and bloating

B. longum helps to maintain the integrity of the gut wall which is important for auto-immune disorders. As with all probiotics it aids digestive and immune health, it’s also a great detoxifier .

B. bifidum aids digestion of dairy products as well as carbohydrates, fat, and protein so you’re your body can use them more efficiently.

B. infantis decrease bloating and bowel movement difficulty. Overall digestion The acids produced by gas, diarrhea, constipation, urgency and abdominal discomfort.

L. paracasei is important for liver function and the liver is responsible for over 500 functions including your hormones and your metabolism.

L. rhamnosus restores GI health, supports immune health, supports vaginal and urinary tract conditions and aids digestion of lactose.

L. fermentum aids inoyour body’s production of two antioxidant enzymes – superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione, both of which are very important for athletes (or just us folks who love a good workout). L. fermentum is the probiotic you know from fermented foods like kim chi, yogurt and sourdough bread. Both SOD and glutathione production slow down as we age . They both help to protect us from oxidative stress which is caused by exercise. Oxidative stress can cause cellular damage and set us up for serious diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease .

So when you think about how a simple capsule can greatly aid your weight, mood and health it seems like a perfect supplement to take when you need it.

My advice is to try several brands and see what works best for your symptoms.

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