We hear it all the time. People lamenting the fact that they have gained weight while at their present jobs. According to the CareerBuilder survey (3,600 full-time workers), this is due to the following causes:

• Mindless snacking during the day.

Stress eating


• Skipping meals leading to binge eating at a later time.

• Sitting at a desk all day.

• Frequent take away meals during the week.

Any or all of this sound familiar?

People who sit at a desk all day and have stressful jobs have even higher rates of weight gain.

Administrative assistants, engineers, teachers, nurse practitioners, IT managers, legal professionals, production workers and scientists were among professions that had the highest reports of weight gain.

why gaining weight

Maintaining physical health is about personal responsibility

You have to want to say fit and do the right things. Physical activity is key to maintaining proper health and nutrition no matter what your job.

It can be very easy to gain weight in an environment where you are expected to sit still for 8-9 hours a day. The steps below will help you avoid gaining weight while working a desk job, or lose some weight you’ve already gained.

• Pick healthy snacks to fuel your busy day: fruit, low fat yogurt or cheese, raw nuts…

• Pack nutritious lunches (high in lean protein, fruits, vegetables) to avoid unhealthy cafeteria foods or restaurants.

• Pick healthy restaurant options and avoid large portions

• Ditch large or carbohydrate rich meals like pasta or pizza; these can make you feel tired, and foggy – and trigger more snacking afterwards.

• Skip the candy bowl, vending machines and break rooms- can be loaded with tempting sweets and other high calorie treats. Stick to your packed lunch and snacks.

• Drink 2 to 3 L of water daily. A minimum of eight glasses (water, iced tea or no-calorie flavored waters) to avoid dehydration.

• Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks: full of empty calories in the form of sugar. If you still need the caffeine, consider coffee or tea with skim milk and limited sweetener.

• Avoid eating lunch at your desk.

• Move every 60-90 minutes. Many side effects are associated with sitting too long: from weight gain and back problems to loss of muscle mass and softening of your bones.

It is a fact that some industries are more susceptible to weight gain

49% of respondents in transportation reported weight gain. Healthcare came in a close second (48%). Financial services and sales tied at 46% reporting weight gain. Retail, manufacturing and IT all fared slightly better.

About half of all women, compared to 39% of men, report gaining weight in their current job. Middle-age workers are also more at risk: 47% of individuals 35 to 54, report gaining weight; more than their younger and older counterparts.

So the message here is clear

You can avoid this! Take charge of your work life and make sure you add these healthy habits to your daily to-do list to help you prevent packing on those desk-bound pounds.

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