It has been a month since Lucy has been training with us.

Lucy is a 53-year-old lady who had some health and overweight issues. She was referred to us by her doctor.

Lucy was telling me that she was trying to lose weight by doing some “dancing training,” but she was not seeing results, and her doctor asked her not to do it because she had arthritis in her knee.


The knee bothers Lucy when she climbs stairs, so she came to see me.

First assessment

I have to say that Lucy is a very energetic and positive lady. She does have amazing conversations and great energy.

I was impressed with her cognitive process. I remember her telling me on her first assessment that she may not be able to do all the exercises because she fell and bruised her arm.

As I was measuring Lucy, I asked her to lift her arm, and she said that it was hurting.

So I replied by telling her to stop focusing on the pain and you will see that it won’t hurt anymore.If you had injured your arm, you would have gone to the doctor.

Cut the complaining

Yes, it’s true, you must feel some level of pain if you hurt your arm, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

She lifted her arm and said, “You’re right. We like to be complainers and show our little pains to others, so they can be compassionate towards us. But now that you told me, I know this small pain will go away. I know that the bone is not broken, and the bruise will go away.”

That is all I had to say to her for her to focus a whole month on training.

Standing out

Lucy came 3 times a week at 5:30 AM with a great smile ready to exercise. The month passed, and it was time for her second assessment. She lost 7 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle. She was very happy with the results.

However, what really got my attention was the level of motivation she had.

Instead of focusing on the weight, she was focusing on how her clothes were fitting and other very important results.

what you should look for when losing weight_2Take it week by week

She told me that she writes down the most noticeable results of the week, and she handed me a note with her results:

Week one: My back is stronger, and my posture has improved.

Week two: I have much more energy. I can work 8 hours when I only used to work 5 before getting tired.

Week three: My pants fit a lot better. My muffin tops aren’t there anymore. I don’t feel like I will pop the button.

Week four: My knees are stronger. I can climb stairs up and down all day with no pain.

Motivation all round

I usually need to cheer my clients and make them understand all the benefits they have not noticed about their exercise program. For Lucy all I had to do was listen to her.

She was the one who was motivating me.

Her secret that I’m going to give you is motivate yourself and find all the positive results of your program. Stop focusing on how difficult it can be, and take notes.

Commit to your happiness and well-being.

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