To mark Lyn-Genet Recitas’ introduction as a WatchFit Expert Contributor, we are looking at this most remarkable of testimonials.

Yesterday Julie gave us in Part 1 some astonishing background to her physical and mental transformation. Here she gives us more detail about a journey that has seen her shed an extraordinary 170lbs!

Here is Part 2 of an incredible story that illustrates exactly why Lyn-Genet is worth reading and listening to!


…I read Lyn-Genet’s book over and over again, went on her Facebook page and leaned on my family for support.

I can clearly remember Day 1

It was not a good day for me. I am a super picky eater. I mean I basically lived on bread and cheese (more specifically bagels, hot pretzels and American cheese) so The Plan was way out of my element.

On day one I literally threw up in my bowl of flax and coconut milk, and I cried through lunch and dinner. It took me about an hour to get through each meal that first week. It seems so silly now as coconut milk, flax, goat cheese and lamb – along with other new additions to my diet are second nature to me.

I was searching for a long time for a way out

I tried to get on Biggest Loser many times, I looked into fat camps, I tried every diet known to man. I would lose but then gain it all back and then some.

About six years ago I lost 50 lbs and felt great even though I was 255lbs. But then my Dad died and apparently I ate all my emotions. Sadly I didn’t even realize what had happened. I weighed myself one day at the gym and was 324lbs (I was 321 when I started the plan). That was almost 75lbs in a year.

I went home and cried and cried and cried. I was so ashamed. I hoped no-one would notice me.

I thought “What’s the use… How can anyone possibly lose that much weight?”

But then I put on Dr. Oz one day. I didn’t normally watch Dr. Oz but for some reason chose to turn it on. I saw Lyn-Genet! I wasn’t sure I completely agreed with everything said (how can veggies make someone gain weight–right?) but I did write down the name for future reference.

Then one day I was watching Fox news and there she was again.

So I decided to do a bit more than note then name again. This time I went out and bought The Plan. After flipping through it I decided to keep the receipt because I was pretty certain I’d be returning it.

The menu plan was very foreign to me.

weight loss transformation_3What, no bagels?

I’m from New York (Long Island) and the one thing we do right is bagels! Despite my lack of commitment at this point I carried the book around with me for several weeks.

The more I read the more compelled I felt to actually suck it up and do the plan. I used to have a chiropractor who believed in muscle testing. I knew I needed to make a change so I closed my eyes and had my family muscle test me with several different diet books.

Every time they put your book in my hand, my arm stayed strong – so I decided I’m all in!

I carried that book with me for almost a year – everywhere I went. I went to baby showers and bridal showers with it. And always showed up with my own food in a lunchbox. It kind of became a joke but I didn’t care.

Complete dedication

The only way that I knew to do this was to dedicate myself completely and hang on for the ride. I do credit God for giving me the strength to keep going every time I hit a road block. I could probably write a book about my journey, there’s just so much.

I am now 154lbs and 5’3″ and to some those figures might still look a bit ‘heavy’. But I don’t care.

When you consider where I have come from – that represents more than half my body weight lost in a controlled and healthy way. I thank God that Lyn-Genet was put in my path and for all the work she has done to make others happier and healthier.

And who would possibly have thought it…

I wrote to Lyn-Genet to express my profound gratitude that she and her Plan had totally changed my life. And now I find myself about to work with her on some exercise videos!

Three years ago this morbidly obese girl would have laughed in your face and then walked away and cried if you said “you’ll be making exercise videos with that woman who wrote the book you’re carrying around.” (that book with the receipt still in it because I was probably going to return it unused).

Well I’m not that girl any more. I never did return the book and now my life has arrived here. Me writing to you at WatchFit and about to film exercise videos with Lyn-Genet Recitas. It’s a funny old life!

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