I had been toying with the idea to lose weight, but I didn’t know where to start. I’m a picky eater so I wouldn’t eat or survive on most diet plans. I wasn’t interested in any physical activity. My weight fluctuated around 250-270 lbs for years.

My Journey



In March 2013 the opportunity came across to me to join Weight Watchers and I decided to go ahead. My mind must’ve been ready to embark on this journey because the concept of portion control just clicked with me. I also stopped drinking soda cold turkey. The weight started falling off right away. I quickly set my ultimate weight goal at 130 lbs; this is right in the ideal weight window as well as in my high school weight range.

My mindset obviously had changed because I’d started thinking about exercising. Initially I thought I’d just walk but I was introduced to Beachbody workouts. I checked out several from the library but my husband and I decided on Tai Cheng to work on my balance and flexibility before starting any rigorous programs. Since then I’ve done several other DVD workouts from Beachbody, Jillian Michaels, and others. I’m currently doing Les Mills Combat.

I started blogging weekly status updates, good or bad. The combination of the near constant weight loss and encouraging words from readers, friends, and family, have kept me going. It’s also helped that I’ve never hit a plateau so I’ve never experienced true disappointment on my journey. The only challenge I’ve faced is when I was hit with vertigo; I couldn’t workout for 3 weeks. When I felt everything had passed I started working out again; there was a little gain when I restarted but it soon was gone again.


A Learning Experience

While on this journey I’ve discovered many things about myself. Growing up a meat and potatoes kid I knew I was a carb lover. I thought I was also eating plenty of protein but I discovered in the scheme of things I wasn’t eating enough. I found out my favorite type of workout is based on kickboxing. Even though I may not be doing the moves 100% correctly it just feels right. When a workout feels right you know it’s a fit for you!

The ultimate realization I’ve come to is that helping others to do what I’ve done – improving their overall health and wellness – is my passion, my purpose for life. I’d always known that I was meant to help others but not how to help them. This eye opening discovery has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Now that I know what I’m supposed to do with my life I can focus on this path and not just flop about life like a fish out of water.

Starting Measurements

Current Measurements

Amount Lost

Weight – March 19, 2013 250.2 Weight – July 30, 1014 153.4 96.8
Waist – May 13, 2013 44 Waist – July 1, 2014 34 10
Hips – May 13, 2013 52.5 Hips – July 1, 2014 41 11.5
Chest – May 13, 2013 47.5 Chest – July 1, 2014 35.5 12
Right Arm – May 13, 2013 17.5 Right Arm – July 1, 2014 12.5 5
Left Arm – May 13, 2013 18 Left Arm – July 1, 2014 12.5 5.5
Right Thigh – May 13, 2013 28 Right Thigh – July 1, 2014 21.5 6.5
Left Thigh – May 13, 2013 28.5 Left Thigh – July 1, 2014 21.5 7
Dress Size – March 19, 2013 22/24 or 3X Dress Size – April 15, 2014 10 or M 12 or 5

(measurements in pounds and inches)

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So you want to get healthier?

Here is some advice that I’d give someone starting on their journey

– Establish your why. What is the reason why you want to improve your overall health and wellness? Is it a health condition that’s mandating a weight loss? Do you want to be a healthy role model for your children? Do you want to live to see your grandchildren grow up?

– Set realistic goals. You didn’t gain the weight overnight so a quick fix weight loss plan isn’t the solution. A drastic weight loss can be just as unhealthy as being overweight. Most quick fixes also often cause the person to gain all that weight back and then some.

– Drop that soda! If you can’t go cold turkey then slowly reduce the amount you drink each day, replacing the soda with water.

– Find an exercise program that feels right. Try out several different programs. Once you find a style that you like you will find success. When the program you’re doing gets to easy or you hit a plateau it’s time to change things up a little.

– Surround yourself with a support system. Get out of the comfort zone of your family and friends; some of them may be the reason why you found yourself overweight in the first place. Establish new friendships in other social groups, online and offline.

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