The one thing I’m asked about more than anything else in the health, fitness and wellness industry, is about losing weight. 

There are many different ways people have tried to lose weight, and to lose it quickly, but often these methods do not work and, more than that, they backfire!

Research and personal experience in my life and my practice, has shown that when someone follows the methods below to lose weight, even if it works, when they then try to get healthy and begin to treat their bodies properly, there is a significant weight increase of another 10 to 15 pounds as the body tries to properly balance itself!


Read on below for the top 5 things you should never do to get slim.

1. Count calories:

Perhaps the most prominent method that people use to gauge their weight loss program, is calorie counting.

Often people are not eating enough!

Not to mention, a lot of people are under the impression that “a calorie is a calorie” which is simply not the case!

The human body is a very intricate network of systems, involving many different biochemical reactions and processes. Our bodies use different kinds of energy (calories) in different ways.

Different foods have a huge impact on our hormonal systems, which govern how our bodies function altogether, as well as gaining or losing weight, what kinds of weight, and from where.

Fructose and glucose

One of the best examples is the comparison of fructose and glucose. These are the two main sugars in our diet. Each with the same amount of calories, and each being processed completely differently inside the body.

Glucose is used by the energy systems of the body and can be metabolized by all of our tissues. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver, and throws off the balance in the body.

Fructose raises Ghrelin, this is our “hunger hormone,” so the body believes that it’s still hungry after ingesting fructose. Not to mention, it can cause insulin resistance, abdominal fat gain, increased triglycerides and blood sugar, compared to the exact same number of calories from glucose.

Quality calories

A person could eat 600 calories in a meal full of good quality protein, fats and vegetables, and your body would take that, and use it’s energy systems in such a way that you would be gaining muscle, burning fat and losing any excess water retention effortlessly.

That same person could eat 600 calories in a meal full of simple carbs, high sugar sauce, and poor quality protein, and the body would lose muscle, while gaining excess water and fat.

Not to mention, the amount of calories a person needs to simply maintain being alive is a lot, including the amount you would be burning doing your daily activities. To eat any less is to sacrifice health in a very serious way!

weight loss habits to avoid_22. Skipping meals:

Skipping meals is another seemingly effective yet terrible idea for weight loss.

When we skip just one meal (which means waiting over an hour and a half after waking to eat) and generally waiting more than 4 hours between meals to eat again, the body suffers a very real stress response!

Our bodies are very intelligent.

When we skip a meal, the hunger and satiation signal hormones we spoke about earlier become unbalanced which directly and indirectly affects all other systems of the body.

Because our bodies are still very primally wired, it believes that it’s in a stressful situation of starvation, and actually programs itself to store fat at the very next meal!

Eating for energy

Our bodies need the energy it gains from food to function properly, even for all of the inner processes we don’t think about such as breathing and organ function.

Every process in the body gets fuelled by the energy that we eat.

When we don’t supply the body with enough energy, or the right kinds, it must then go into it’s own energy reserves just to keep us alive.

This is very taxing on our adrenal glands, which are the foundation of hormone regulation, and thus nervous system and metabolism regulation!

In a nutshell – skipping meals sends our biological aging clock on super speed, and makes losing any excess fat weight impossible.

Look out for Part Two and conclusion of this article tomorrow. Kelly will shed further light on the weight loss habits or traps that just won’t get you anywhere, including the dreaded diet pill.

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