Lets face it, there’s always someone out there claiming a new way to help shred those excess pounds for you, and in particular fat. I often wondered while trying so many different approaches, whether it be diet or exercise, is there a simple way?

Can I get success without depriving myself or working out so intense until my face turns blue to get the fat loss I seek?

I am sure you wondered as well and in this article I’ll attempt to give you a few radical ideas that just might do the trick! No they haven’t invented that magic pill yet where you instantly lose weight without doing anything.


Quite frankly, seeing commercials where a guy talks at lightning speed rattling off side effects of medications ranging from a runny nose to even death, can you imagine the list for a magic diet pill?

I think I’ll try something else in the meantime.

No matter how you slice it, losing fat boils down to manipulating the energy you take in and the energy you burn. So in essence anything I state to you today has to be somewhat dependent on food, seeing as how that’s our fuel source.

But today I won’t bore you with lists of foods you can and cannot eat or ones that boast awesome fat burning abilities, but rather just manipulating meal times to your advantage.

Radical ways to burn fat:

That brings me to a new approach that is quickly making a name for itself; this approach is called intermittent fasting or IF.

Now you may ask, what is IF? The simple answer to that is that it’s an approach where you create a specific window of time for meals, only eating during that window.

There are many forms of it out there as well, ranging from eating in an 8 hour time window, 4 hour time window, completely fasting for a full 24 hours once or twice a week, and alternate day fasting.

The list I’m sure can go on longer but these are a few out there I am familiar with. I myself have tried the 16 hour fast followed by the 8 hour feed time and have had a lot of success with that. I have now switched to the 20 hour fast followed by the 4 hour feeding window just to see which one I do best with.

I’ve become so intrigued with this method that I read a fair amount about the benefits and effects this style of living can have on weight loss and even other health benefits.

In my reading frenzies, I came across the alternate day diet best described in Krista Varady’s, PhD book, “The Every Other Day Diet.”

This book in my opinion is phenomenal and gives a very scientifically backed, easy approach to burning fat. In her diet you fast every other day, which consists of what is called a Diet Day where you only eat about 500 calories and followed by a Feast Day where you eat all you want.

The unique thing about this diet is that you don’t have to worry about what types of food you eat

but rather just sticking to the prescribed diet day instructions followed by a day where you eat any and everything you want!

It was stated in her book that participants in one of her studies lost an average of 12 pounds in 8 weeks; that’s a healthy loss of about 1.5 pounds a week.

Now I know some of you may think well that’s not a whole lot of pounds, but she goes further to state that about 99% of that loss is all fat and the other 1% is muscle.

This in particular is important because the more muscle you conserve during weight loss the more metabolically active your body stays which allows you to burn more calories and in particular fat.

Not many other methods that I am aware of can boast this claim. And if fat loss wasn’t enough for you to try this new approach, then let me add that this method can decrease your risk of heart disease in that it decreases blood pressure, blood lipid (fat) levels, fasting blood glucose and even cholesterol.

All this came from switching when you ate, but not what you ate. Research from Mark Mattson, a professor of neuroscience at the School of Medicine at the National Institute on Aging, found that this method even stimulates protective elements in the brain against degeneration causing new growth of cells in the brain itself.

These findings are so fascinating to me that I think I will transfer over soon to this form of fasting. I’ve boasted about the alternate day method a lot, but the other forms of fasting mentioned above as well hold true with some the same health benefits.

I know from my journey with fasting that I have more mental clarity during the fast, more energy and I just feel good overall! Fasting can take some time to get used to and that is expected. It took my body about a week to get used to IF.

As always, before starting an approach like this, check with your primary care physician or dietician as they will guide you in the right direction if this method is the right one for you.


One last approach I want to bring to your attention that I came across in Varady’s book that shocked me was the approach of weighing yourself everyday.

This, as she mentions in her book, goes against all diet advice that is routinely given to people while dieting. She goes on to cite a few studies showing that this method as well merits good results in the game of weight loss.

One study she mentioned in the book that caught my eye in particular, was a 2 year study conducted by scientists at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Wisconsin that found that people who weighed themselves daily loss twice as much as those who weighed themselves once a month.

I think this phenomenon occurs because seeing that figure daily makes you conscious through the day in your dietary choices. Some may say that weighing yourself everyday will stress you out, but hey I’ll take the stress if it encourages me to make better choices resulting in more weight loss overall.


At the end of the day fat loss is always going to depend on food coming in and activity done to utilize that food for energy before it is stored as fat. But here we highlighted 2 radical approaches you can adopt that don’t necessarily cause you to revamp your diet or call for a specific workout regimen.

I am sure there are other “biohacks” out there to tap into your potential for fat loss but these were very intriguing to me, so I thought I’d share with you all.

A balanced diet and sound workout plan can and always will lead to great results with fat loss; but how about thinking outside the box for once and adding a wrinkle to what you do now? What do you truly have to lose other than the love handles you so much adore?

If you don’t believe what I’ve told you today, I challenge you to get Dr. Varady’s book, “The Every Other Day Diet” and doing some reading yourself.

It’s so much more mentioned in her book and other articles that I didn’t have time to dive into in this article, but you sure can if you find this interesting as well.

There are tons of articles on the web now that talk of the benefits of fasting. I think I’ll dive head first into this approach Monday morning and see what results I get. Until next time my faithful readers, until next time!

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