If  you are having trouble losing weight even though you are controlling your intake of food it could be due to the fact that the food you are eating is lacking in vitamin and minerals required to support weight loss/management.

The key nutrients for weight loss are the ones that are required to balance blood sugar and energy levels. So often many people who are struggling to lose weight are often tired and struggling with cravings too.  Making sure specific vitamin/mineral levels are topped up is crucial to get your weight moving  in the right direction.


– Eat nutrient dense foods to top up your vitamins. Ditch the energy nutrient draining foods! Choose nutrient dense foods over calorie laden low nutrient energy foods, which are often just full of fat and sugar.  Then the weight loss should start to kick in along with less cravings and more energy!

– Ditch energy draining foods including bread, crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks  and many other processed foods laden with fat or sugar and depleted in nutrients.

– Nutrient  dense foods are fresh foods in their natural state with nothing taken out of them.  They include lean protein: meat, fish and eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts and  seeds, and wholegrains: oats, brown rice and quinoa.  Drinking 2 litres of water spread out over the day will help digest these foods and absorb the nutrients found in them!

So what are these vitamins/minerals and where do you get them from ?

Chromium is the most essential mineral for blood sugar balance/cravings. It is found in many  LOW GI foods such as chicken and  apples.

The key to retaining this nutrient is eating less sugar and more protein.  So  eggs for breakfast, tuna for lunch and chicken for dinner.   You should start to find after a few days your cravings for sugar should decrease.

You may also need to take chromium as a supplement if you find the cravings really hard.  Taking  200ug a day with your breakfast may be enough for a couple of months.  (Not  suitable for  people on diabetic medication!)

B complex supports the nervous system and many people changing their diets can initially get very irritable.  In  particular  B3 works with chromium and  supports  circulation.  We need far more B3 than any other B vitamin  i.e.  18mg  is the rda where as  B1 and B2 are only  1 to 2mg daily so many people fall short on this.

Again, eating protein foods such as meat and fish but also healthy fat foods such as sunflower seeds and avocados are good sources which are great for vegetarians too!  They are good filling foods!

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B5, part of the B Complex, supports adrenals glands and stimulates fat burning.  Increasing protein foods such as meat and fish including the occasional steak are good sources!

Vitamin  C  is also part of the blood sugar cycle and is also stored in large amounts in the adrenal glands so  stress will deplete it rapidly.  So on top of having plenty of raw greens/fruit to retain the vitamin  C a supplement may be useful. Approximately  500mg   once or twice a day is recommended.

Magnesium  is also crucial for cravings and a good nights sleep.  Poor sleep pattern can affect hormones involved in weight loss.

Increase intake of  green  leafy  vegetables, pulses (beans and lentils) and nuts.  You can also try  “Better You” Magneisum oil  which you spray on the skin  and  is absorbed into the blood stream. Be warned if you are low in it your skin will sting or tingle until your levels build up.

 Example of a typical Meal Plan with these nutrients

A typical meal plan with these nutrients would be as follows:

Breakfast Eggs on 1 slice of  wholemeal toast plus 1 orange
Snack  handful  of  seeds
Lunch Hummus with green salad and 3 oatcakes
Snack Apple plus 10 hazelnuts
Dinner Chicken stir fry with kale, pineapple, ginger  and mange toute served on a bed of skinny  noodles.
After dinner 3 squares of raw dark chocolate

Drinks to increase nutrients to help stimulate weight loss

– Drink hot water with lemon juice on rising and before dinner  (vitamin C)

– Red bush tea x 3 a day (caffeine free and source of magnesium)

Drinks that deplete nutrients for weight loss

– Tea/coffee/alcohol deplete B vitamins and vitamin C

– Excess sugar /carbohydrates deplete Chromium!

So get your weight moving with nutrient dense foods full of vitamins!

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