It is no great secret that the health and fitness world is a perfect breeding ground for trumped up claims, misinformation and hollow marketing spin.  Yesterday in Part 1 Peter introduced us to a number of such myths that millions fall for time and time again.

He exploded a few falacies and questioned the reliance of calorie counting and the generalised and ineffective ways this so often happens. 

In conclusion, here in Part 2 he looks at a couple more myths that we are well advised to be more aware of so that we can make genuine progress towards out goals and not be led down avenues that can be nothing more than a waste of time, effort and money.


Common weight loss myth #2: You have to eat six small meals a day to boost your metabolism

THis is a piece of advice thaat you are likely to come across quite a lot. And whilst the studies and science does prove this to be true (to an extent), you shouldn’t force yourself to eat.

We’ve been taught since we were young that we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain times, with perhaps 2-3 snacks in between our larger meals.

While this may be a decades-old routine in your life, there is a newer, better way to think about eating.

Think about your eating habits

There are several, less known studies out there looking at lean, healthy people and their eating habits. These studies prove that the leanest, healthiest folks of all ages only eat when they’re hungry.

Additionally, these people do not stuff their faces either – They eat only until they no longer feel hungry, which ensures that their bodies are taking in only the necessary nutrients needed to provide optimal bodily function.

Combining this dietary approach with high quality foods will do your waistline mighty good

Common weight loss myth #3: You have to spend hours in a gym doing long, boring, steady-state cardio in order to lose weight

weight loss myths_5Again, so very, very wrong!

Fortunately, more and more studies are coming out disproving this common weight loss myth and word is definitely spreading, so I am happy to do my bit to maintain this momentum!

These studies suggest that shorter, more intense workouts are better for both your waistline and for your overall health.

Even better, you do not need to belong to a gym in order to see results. If you have some floor space in your home or your office, what’s stopping you? You are good to go!

Test your fitness

You can get a great fat-burning workout in as little as 10 minutes! Using Tabata, HIIT and CrossFit-style intervals, you can burn a significant amount of fat in less than half the time and have a lot more fun with your exercise as well.

I hope these thoughts and facts of the two articles has helped you and will enable you to stay on track with your New Years weight loss goals. Happy Holidays to you all!

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