What have you tried for summer slim down? What do you like most about slimming for summer? Summer get togethers, summer food and others are the known and regular excuses as to why people have not slimmed for summer.

One problem is that many wait until summer to slim and tone their body–this should be a daily task. These tips will help with your summer slim down, even if you’ve been out of shape.

Many people do one thing and that is it, which is understandable, but unrealistic. To slim down and keep it off we must eat healthier, challenge the body in different ways through fitness, and avoid stress as best we can and get rest as needed. Going non-stop is not the best route, regardless of how young or experienced anyone may be.



Do not skip meals. Eat more throughout the day, and eat less at one time. Four or five smaller meals and two or three healthy snacks.

Breakfast should be your biggest meal because you have slept for 4-8 hours without eating and your body needs the nutrients. Each meal after that should be smaller especially before bed.  Look at eggwhitesint.com for more information to achieve your goal without losing anything other than fat.

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Resistance training

Resistance training works for both male and female. Resistance training tones the body efficiently, especially when done alongside healthy eating. Use enough resistance to decrease fat and tone at the same time. Try out this resistance band workout to get started, all you need is the one band to get to toning.

I use them and recommend them to everyone I talk to. Women will not get bulkiy unless they are taking supplements or something that will allow for that to happen. That is why is let everyone know that we must eat healthier, add resistance training and cardio.

Cardio training

Depending on the goal we should do cardio which makes it so that we do not have to do as much of other things especially if you do not like it. I prefer to do sprints and intervals. With intervals you sprint for 10 seconds or longer, slow down for 20-50 seconds then sprint again for 10-12 rounds. Achieving more in less time including strengthening the heart.

Do this year round. Not just for birthdays, weddings, reunions or anything like that. When this becomes a lifestyle, you are less likely to need to work as hard or it take as long. The older we get the more time it will take to achieve the slim down look. Do not wait. Get started and make it fun. Work out with others, different locations, different equipment and more.

My suggestions as owner and trainer of my business are not a rule book. I offer suggestions that benefit you best through my scope of practice and make changes as needed. I offer 1 on 1, group and online training. Programs based on your goals and that work best for where you need to start.

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