Research is confirming what old traditions have known all along—that our emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and body chemistry all influence one another. Gone are the days when you could blame your genes for not being able to get rid of belly fat.

Ever since the existence of genes was first suggested by Gregor Mendel in the 1860s, and James Watson and Francis Crick came up with the double-helix model in 1953, science has held one idea untouchable: that DNA is nature’s blueprint.

But breakthroughs in an area of science called Epigenetics, which has been popularised by people such as Bruce Lipton who has been researching this area since the 1970’s, has shown us that our diets, our exposure to toxins, our stress levels, traumatic events and even our daily thoughts (90% of the thoughts you have today, you had yesterday!) are subtly altering our genetic blueprint


So it’s time to let go of blame and it’s time to start taking responsibility. As the saying goes

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
Watch your words, they become actions;
Watch your actions, they become habits;
Watch your habits, they become character;
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

So here are my 5 top mind tricks for getting rid of belly fat!

Diets are not the answer. If you think that you can only lose weight while on some kind of diet, you start a perpetual cycle of never ending diets, as emotionally you attach ‘diet’ to ‘losing weight’, which as research shows, only 1 in 100 keeps the weight off, so attempting to lose weight over and over can often bring with it for most people feelings of guilt, shame, and being out of control. It can drain your confidence, your sense of power, your belief in yourself. So let go of the idea that you need a diet and take control and work with this simple approach that Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek advises “To lose weight, do the opposite of whatever made you fat in the first place”

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Take small action steps on a regular basis that bring you closer and closer to your goal, this allows you to become fully aware of exactly what you are doing and then over time, these small actions translate to big changes including weight loss, increased energy, and greater overall health and happiness. Research shows that it takes 66 days to change a habit, so one change per day with full awareness for 66 days will result in big long term changes.

Focus on the why. To achieve long term goals you need to work with the ‘why’ principle. So you want to lose weight, but why? A holiday, a wedding or a special occasion. If we know exactly “why” we want something, we can figure out how to make it happen. It’s not the goal itself that holds the power, but rather the benefits of achieving the goal that matters most.

Are you holding onto to things? Sometimes when we cannot lose those last few pounds or that layer of fat on our belly despite doing everything right it can be as they say in Eastern philosophy, that we are still holding on to things from the past that we no longer need. The hips and waist relate to relationships, all relationships. So if you holding onto emotional attachments from past relationships or even within current relationships then your physical is often just reflecting you’re emotional.

Re-education of mindful eating habits. I remember watching a program with Paul McKenna and he blindfolded some over-weight people and asked them to some food and what happened from this process is that people became attached to the smell, the taste, the texture of the food, it was no longer just something we put in our mouth. So when you’re eating, firstly take a mouthful and put your fork or spoon down and then close your eyes and become connected to the food you are eating. From this process you will find that you will probably eat less and but most importantly you will become more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.

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