So, you are 2 weeks away from your wedding and you STILL need to lose some weight to get you feeling your best and most confident in your wedding dress. What do you do ? How to lose weight for wedding ? Starvation diet ? Grapefruit cleanse ? Juicing diet ?

ABSOLUTELY NOT to all of the above.  Point being, as most people know there are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. It’s a lot of hard work, consistency, time & effort. However, it can be more effective if some of the strategies are implemented below, which can help you not only with your weight and fat loss, but your overall stress levels as well.

Now, brides getting ready for their wedding are already super stressed out, so the better controlled the stress, the more hormones are balanced. The more hormones are balanced, the easier it is to lose fat. Make sense? Now, this REALLY applies to brides that are already in pretty decent shape and just want to kick it up a notch right before their wedding. However, if a bride is pretty obese already it will be very difficult to make any serious dent in only a few weeks.


When I talk about stress, this can be introduced from the environment as well as workout stress. Here are some ways to combat this stress  and make losing a bit more before your wedding a little easier:

1)  Make sure you are sleeping adequately! Most people do NOT get enough sleep, therefore instead of running off good, balanced hormones, they are running off of cortisol (a stress hormone) instead. Elevated cortisol for long periods of time leads to chronic stress and can lead to systemic inflammation which can cause a whole host of problems, including leaky gut (permeability of the gut lining). If you get enough sleep, cravings go down, you have more energy and you are much more likely to succeed at your fat loss goal.

2)  Take the proper post workout supplements. It’s no big secret there is a lot of garbage out there on the market today. If the goal is fat loss, stick to some quality whey protein, 1-2 grams of vitamin c, and 250mg of magnesium and if you want carbs this is the BEST time to eat them as they most likely will be stored as muscle glycogen and not fat.

3)  Opt for higher protein foods(chicken/fish/steak) at meals and grill them using low calorie/low sugar marinades if you need more flavor.

4)  Leafy green veggies, dark colored fruits and just a tiny bit of starchy carbs (if necessary) should be the carbohydrates to focus on. Since it’s the summer time, enjoy a good crisp apple or cucumbers if you get hungry between meals.

5)  Totally avoid alcohol. This will slow down your metabolism and set you back 3-4 days at least. Instead, drink water or water with lemon/lime in it to help reduce acidity in the body and stay cool.


6)  Think about not only working out once, but maybe twice a day, breaking your day up into a shorter sprint session in the morning and a weight training session in the evening. Just make sure you are doing everything correctly outside of the gym as well to make great progress in 2 weeks time.

7)  Drink a LOT of water. This will not only help you cleanse your body but it will also fuel your workouts and keep you fuller, longer.

8)  Think about a detox coupled with the weight training you’re already doing. I’ve had clients do detoxes with great success, losing 2-4 % bodyfat in as little as 1 week(this is an INTENSE week but worth it) and helped cure a lot of other issues (allergies/constipation) etc.

All of the above will help not ONLY the bride to be get in better shape, faster, but anyone who wants to get in better shape can follow the above strategies.  Stay consistent day in and day out and the results will come! Good luck.

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