You finally made the decision to change your lifestyle, so you can lose those extra pounds to improve your health.  And after several months of choosing healthy foods with appropriate portions and moderate exercise, you have successfully reached your weight loss goal and achieved a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).  Now what?  Do you celebrate with cake like at a birthday party?  Do you celebrate at the movies with the extra large portion of buttered popcorn?  Do you now return to your old eating habits?  Not if you want to maintain a healthy weight!  Let’s take a look at other non-food ways to celebrate and do something you always wanted to do.

Here are 7 ideas on how to reward your weight loss without the risk, or guilt, of gaining the weight back

Get a daring new haircut

Opt for a fresh new look to match the fresh new you.  A new haircut can frame your face in a new way after weight loss.  You may also want to get even more daring and try a new colour.  Everyone feels good about a stylish new do!  And just think of all the compliments you will receive.

Hike a local trail

You hear of neighbours, co-workers and friends talking about hiking Saturday morning on the local train, but you didn’t want to exercise outside or in public because of the extra-weight you had been carrying around.  Reward yourself and show off your new body on that local trail, while enjoying the health benefits of hiking.

Go to an amusement park

Trying out the thrilling rides of an amusement park is always a fun way to celebrate.  You can bring a group of friends who can share in the adventure.  Take lots of pictures to remember the fun-filled day.  Most parks even have photos that you can purchase that really capture the thrill of the ride.

Take a surfing lesson

You love the beach, ocean and sun.  As long as you already know how to swim, beginner lessons with a trained instructor can be exciting.  Soak up some rays and get in your vitamin D while learning to catch a wave. 

Go skydiving

Skydiving can be a nerve-racking activity for most.  You have always thought about trying it, but didn’t think you could quite stomach actually jumping out of a plane.  But then again, you didn’t think you could achieve a healthy weight loss by following a healthy diet.   Make sure it’s a tandem jump if it’s your first time.  Skydiving is something you will never forget.

how to reward weight loss

Spend a long weekend at the spa

Take some time for yourself and get away for the weekend.  Many spas now have healthy meals and yoga classes to complement your new healthy lifestyle.  Throw in a massage and you’ll have a weekend of relaxation to remember.

Take a vacation to Paris

Paris is a walking city full of art and culture.  You can visit the Louvre Museum and view the Mona Lisa, stroll down the Seine River with that special someone, or enjoy window-shopping on the Champs Elysees.  With the beauty and options available in Paris, it’s definitely worth the reward.

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