There are many ways to burn more calories during a regular workout. During your workout routine you should focus on taking less rest breaks in between exercises.  Focus on what your next exercise or set will be. Mentally visualize completing the full set. By taking less rest breaks you will be burning more calories because your body will be working harder.

Focus on being determined on accomplishing your goals. This will lead you to take less rest breaks because you will want to spend your energy on your present workout as opposed to sitting around and telling yourself that you are getting tired.

To burn more calories, focus on using a heart rate monitor

Also focus on using a heart rate monitor to make sure that you are keeping your heart rate at a 75-85% of your Maximum Heart Rate. By exercising at this heart rate zone or higher you will be able to sweat more, thus burning more calories. In order to calculate 75-85% of your maximum heart you must first subtract 220-age. Then multiply this number by .75. Then multiply the result of 220-age by .85.

Focus on doing exercises that raise your heart rate throughout you workout so you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals. Still combining weight training in your training program but also include activities that raise your heart rate.

how to burn more calories - heart rate

Plan to include exercises that raise your heart rate throughout your training program. Use a jump rope and focus on keeping a good rhythm for 5 minutes and do this periodically throughout your workout routine. Use a battle rope and choose an exercise to do for 30-60 seconds at a time.

Squat jumps are also an excellent way to bring up the heart rate during an exercise routine. Perform 3 sets of 15 squat jumps throughout your routine. Using a rowing machine for 5-10 minutes will raise your heart rate as well.

Drinking water is essential to burning more calories. It keeps the body hydrated and this allows the person to progressively continue their training routine. I have seen many people at fitness facilities drinking sports drinks but if you eliminate it and drink water instead you will be able to burn more calories. Sports drinks contain additional calories whereas, water contains no calories. This entails preparation which consists of bringing your own water bottle.

Take small sips of water throughout your training session. Our body is mainly composed of water so if we do not keep hydrated we will not perform as vigorously as we should. Drinking water throughout the day will also help to keep our bodies hydrated and energized.

Focus on listening to motivating music. Everyone has their own taste of uplifting music so find music that suits your workout routine. Music is an important factor at keeping you focused during your workout in order to burn more calories. Use headphones that go around your ears so that when you are jumping or moving fast it will not fall off of your ears.

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