Fighting fat – wholebody workout or split routine?

The fitness industry has a tendency to split into different camps regarding both training and nutrition. There is never a simple answer to how you should train for optimal results, as we are all as unique as our finger prints in terms of metabolism, nutritional needs, fitness level etc.

Another thing to remember is that EVERY programme works, the question is how quick and how well. If you are looking to lose body fat, should you train the whole body every time or should you split it into different body parts?


It all depends on the circumstances, and how advanced you are. You should consider your

1) Time for training

For someone that only can commit to two sessions a week, I would try to go for a wholebody workout with compound movements. Utilising kettle bells and free weights as much as possible, having short breaks between sets to keep your heart rate high.

For the more eager gym bunnies that can commit to 4 or more sessions a week, smashing the whole body that many times a week is a bit much. Training is catabolic, and over training will eat away all that muscle mass you’ve worked hard for, especially if the diet isn’t up to scratch and you are unable to recover.

So if you manage to get in 4 sessions a week, I’d have a split regime, targeting different body parts each session. Big compound exercises burn more calories, so favour them, again keeping the breaks short to keep the body working!

2) How advanced are you?

For beginners, I would suggest 2-3 times a week, doing a whole body routine, only because it takes a bit more effort and skill to execute effective sessions for different body parts.

For more advanced gym goers, focusing on one group, doing it correctly, is a really effective way to get more definition and allows you to “sculpt” your body with better precision.

Woman - Full body workout

3) What you actually do in the gym

To lose fat and unwanted weight it’s crucial to keep the rest between sets quite short (30 sec-45sec), as this will keep the metabolism awake and release more anabolic hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone.

Favour big compound exercises to increase the hormonal impact on your body many many hours after the workout! This is also why weight training is way more effective than cardio in burning fat! After training, as the muscles are destroyed from the grueling workout you did, they need calories to repair themselves, in other words they are metabolically active.

So when training,MAKE IT COUNT! Lots of focus, intensity and short breaks. It’s hard to say which one of these options are better for fat loss, as it all depends or your circumstances, commitment, fitness levels and last but not least, your diet.

But as always, the best training routine is the one you are going to stick to, learning by doing!

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