When most people think about losing weight it generally translates into, “I need to exercise more and eat less to speed up my metabolism”.

Yes, this is true for increasing your metabolic rate, though just by exercising more and eating less you will only get short-term results. I know that on one level most people are saying, “Well I just want to look good for my holiday so actually that works”. But what if I tell you that you can have that all year round and still achieve short-term weight loss!

Sounds better, doesn’t it?


So here are our Top 3 Tips to lose weight for short term goals and long term gains

Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Failure to balance blood sugar stimulates the release of cortisol and adrenaline – our stress hormones. Blood sugar is important for digestion, so when the stress response is ON, digestion is OFF. Oh and without balanced blood sugar your body won’t produce enough T3 (active thyroid hormone) to support a healthy metabolism! That thing that helps you burn more calories faster!!

So always eat protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds), fat (coconut oil, ghee, raw butter, avocados), and carbohydrates (fruit and vegetables) TOGETHER with each meal. Often, frequent feedings (i.e. 4-5 small meals a day) are needed to keep the body fuelled and prevent triggering the stress response.

Pay attention to the ratio of protein/fat/carbs in each meal, by how you feel after a meal and adjust accordingly.

For example, if you feel energetic too quickly, followed by a sudden energy drop, that might be because of too much carbs, so reduce the amount next time. If you feel heaviness straight after the meal, the protein usually needs adjustment. If you feel sluggish, it’s normally the fat that is difficult to break down and hence making you feel that ‘difficulty’.

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Study after study is confirming high-intensity interval training is best for weight loss.

Intense periods of work coupled with short recovery segments allow you to keep high workout intensity called HIIT training. Its magic lies in its ability to keep you burning fat after the gym by giving you a revved up metabolism for hours.

Intense weight circuits perfectly stimulate your body to build lean mass while interval cardio training sessions of cycling and sprinting develop the cardiovascular system.

By pushing your heart rate high, you’ll also increase your body’s ability to burn calories faster and recover faster at rest.

So keep your sessions relatively short (20-30 minutes) and train smarter not harder.

Love your body now!

Stop believing the old stories that you might have been consciously or subconsciously telling yourself about how your body is not special, amazing, or important enough to warrant your utmost attention and care right now. For example, if you are telling yourself, “When I look better or thinner, then I will love my body and who I am”, then you need to change that. You’re telling yourself a lie!

Start by thinking of your weight as part of your wellbeing. Identify your focus to encompass more than just the number on the scale, the way your jeans fit and yes, even what you see in the mirror.

Give yourself a compliment once a day.

It may sound silly, but it can help encourage self-kindness to come naturally (and limit self-doubt, which can lead to self-loathing). Pick one thing you love about yourself and honour it daily. This will put you in the right mindset to want the best for your body too.

Reflect on the gifts your body has given you e.g. It gave you two beautiful children. The body that you may have a downer on has undoubtedly brought you great opportunities and joy. Remember these experiences and feel the excitement of what else might be in store for you.

Love yourself for who you are now. Otherwise you will never be happy with what you have. And once we are happy with what we have, then life is happy to give us more!

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