Okay, so it is that time of the year again. Can I get a “horray,” for beach time!? Fabulous! So, what are your plans to get yourself in the best shape possible for the beach? Better yet, what are your plans to get fit at the beach?  Here’s fun workout ideas to get started.

Beach body fitness workouts

Workout #1: Sand running

Take off your shoes, kick your flip-flops to the side, and get jogging. If you are just beginning, vary up running/jogging with walking.  If you are already an avid runner, just take your run to the beach. You are sure to work up quite the sweat. The bonus? When you are done with the workout, you get to cool off in the water!!!

Workout #2: Beach Frisbee

You will need to enlist in a friend or family member for this, but what a great workout to run and dive and chase after a Frisbee. The sand adds extra resistance and the uneven terrain, giving you a workout like no other.

Workout #3: Beach volleyball.

This is an amazing workout! Just look at the pros–they are all in amazing shape.  With beach volleyball, you are jumping, diving, scooping, spiking and having fun. What a great way to burn calories, plus have fun on the beach!


Workout #4: Beach plyometrics

Find a small incline; hill, sand dune, etc, and sprint up it, then walk down. Find a flat space and do broad jumps, one legged hops, kariokees and sprints. Don’t forget about high knee jogs and butt kicks. You should aim to do 20-30 seconds for each activity. Depending on your activity level, adjust your rest periods in between.

Workout #5: Beach yoga.

Hot yoga with no studio required. Enjoy the poses and work on your breathing and control with each pose.  Find yourself a good mat, or an area on a beachy-grassy space.  Do not try to do this without a mat. Your asanas will be executed with grace and pose, of course.

So, there it is. A great way to get into killer shape on the beach. Now, the huge thing is to remember, you need to mind your diet. You will never get the beach bod you desire with a shotty diet, and the older you are, the more that rings true.  Remember to think of food as fuel and to drink plenty of water to replenish all the nutrients you lost from sweating so much!!! Yay!!! Happy Workout to you!!!!


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