How often have you tried to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve lost? How often have you tried to change your food habits or your lifestyle? It’s an ongoing balancing act, which can become tiring, exhausting and overwhelming, leaving you even more confused, less motivated, and disappointed. Add these emotions to your already existing emotional battle that you may have with weight or food, and you’ve created yourself an ongoing vicious cycle with no end in sight.

But what if there was an easier way to get out of this vicious cycle and get to the bottom of what is right for you and not what others think is right for you? What if your approach to food, weight loss or lifestyle was all one and the same thing? And what if you knew that starting with one small simple step will have a rippling effect on all other areas of your life? Could you even for a moment start to believe that this one small step will start to get you closer to feeling happier, more relaxed and focused, and confident?

When it comes to losing weight, eating the right foods or anything else in life, if we do it with fear, then we are up against a hard and long battle. Many industries’ approach to solution is fear-driven.  When we you are driven by fear, you lose touch of what feels right for you and act from a place of fear, instead of trust. Certain industries use fear to get you to act and buy their products. This is the wrong approach for you – but not them, as it keeps their industry alive.


Fear can get in the way of your intuition, except when you are in a dangerous situation in which instance fear is driven primarily by your gut instinct, which is the kind of fear you want.  But when we lose connection with our gut instinct or intuition, unreasonable fear driven by thoughts, drives your actions and behaviours. These thoughts often take the form of “Shoulds” “Musts” “Have tos” and  sense of obligation and guilt which keeps the vicious cycling going. Making sense???

When you trust your intuition, which is the core of who we are, our true being, then you know what the answers are and what the next step is. But often people choose to ignore it, because fear steps in and challenges that clear sense of what is right.

So, when it comes to weight loss, or food choice and even life-style choice, learning to break things down into small steps will help you know what choices and decisions are right for you.

So here they are the 7 secrets:

1. Notice

Firstly notice how you feel around food, your weight, your life, certain relationships, or even yourself.

2. Allow

Whatever you feel, just allow it and let it be without you making it harder for yourself by judging yourself or analysing it.

3. Breathe

If you feel intense negative emotions, use your breath to help release them. Breathe in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth. This is a pretty powerful but yet simple technique. Most people find this the most challenging, because it means staying with the emotions. When I use this technique to coach clients through their emotions, I see amazing transformations in them.

woman thinking - secrets the weight loss industry will not tell

4. Acknowledge

Yourself for having tried. Acknowledge yourself for doing the best that you can, given the situation. Let go of “I’m a failure” , “I’m not good enough” because these beliefs are weeds, which maintain your vicious cycle.

5. Affirm

Yourself, so you can start building a repertoire of positive emotions. Start little, like  “I did well today”. I went for a 10 min walk”. Be appreciative of little efforts – both yours and others’.

6. WHY?

If you want to change your eating habits or your weight, answer the most import question: Why do I want to do this? “Why” will help unpack the main drive and purpose. When you get to the core WHY, get clarity and understanding and your motivation increases, so that when something gets in the way of it, you keep going and believing in yourself.

7.Vision and belief

If you have a vision greater than yourself and you believe in that vision you become determined and persistent to achieve what you want.  For example, if you want to lose weight so that you can set an example for your children and positively impact those around you so they too can make a change in life and feel better about themselves  your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful.

So now that I have shared these 7 steps with you I want you to start living life according to your needs and wants and not somebody else’s. Act from a place of integrity and watch a great life unfold before your eyes.

Use these 7 secrets to kick start your 7 day diet plan and get into the best shape of your life! 

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