As the days continue to get longer and with the summer months finally on the horizon you might be familiar with the sinking feeling that whilst it is nearly time to don your favourite bikini, you still haven’t lost the last few pounds from Christmas? If this is you, I can imagine that spending time in the gym after a long day at work, using machines in the gym after someone had already sweated on them and torturing your body with exercises that you are not even sure will bring the desired outcome, is probably the last thing you want to do. Luckily, you are still in time to benefit from some tips that may contribute to your weight loss regime and will also benefit your health & body. Our shape, gender, age and activity level are all factors of our metabolic rate, however, there are ways how control its speed. And the faster our metabolism is, the more calories we burn off.

Ready to discover what are the 5 proven ways to speed up your metabolism?

Apart from consuming drinks that contains caffeine, doing a high intensity training (HIIT) and not skipping breakfast, there is another list of things that will help you to speed up your metabolism = help you to lose weight!


1. Eat regularly every 3 hours

Your body is programmed to process every food and bite you take. For that your body requires energy which means burning calories. Eating small meals every three or four hours containing protein will help stimulates the cells responsible for switching on the body’s calorie-burning mechanism.


Spicy foods from hot peppers to chilli powder have capsaicin, which has been proven to increase the release of adrenaline and raise body temperature which speeds up your metabolism. The ‘trick’ is that you need a good amount of capsaicin to increase body’s temperature, so ideally adding a small spicy element (like salsa or jalapenos) to each meal is far more effective than a large amount at one meal.


3. Whole grains

Food high in fibre (whole grain, fruit, vegetable) takes your body longer time to digest which helps speed up your metabolism.  For packaged food, make sure that the words ‘whole grain’ appear in the ingredient label and don’t fall for the word ‘multi-grain. Even small decisions between choosing whole wheat bread over white bread, can make a real difference.

4. Build some muscles (and you will also gain sexy definition)

No one asks you to perform biceps curls with 10kg dumbbells in each hand nor squat 100kg on a squat rack! However lifting weights from above 15kg will speeds up your metabolism + you get to look sexier and feminine on the beach. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will be. Remember that muscles use calories from food and convert it into energy even at rest. Fat tissue does nothing!

5. Sleep

Your wish to sleep longer has finally become a necessity if you want to speed up your metabolism! Too little sleep can cause you to gain weight— research has showed that people who sleep 5 hours instead of 7-8, eat more since their days become longer but it also distracts the balance of appetite regulating hormones which makes you hungrier and leads you to eat more. With the deprivation of sleep your body develops a resistance to hormone Leptin that regulates your body weight increases and a hormone Ghrelin that sends signal to your brain that you’re hungry also increases. So remember and learn these key points: -Eat little and often with focus on protein -Eat chillies or hot, spicy food frequently -Only consume wholegrain food -Spend more time using heavier weights in the gym -Sleep well

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