A smoothie is probably one of the best foods of the summer! Fast, easy, light and on the go – and you get boosted with vitamins and antioxtidants. Customizable to the max – put whatever you want in it, blend and enjoy! Here are 5 suggestions for dairy free smoothies that are super healthy – and taste better than a milkshake!
If you haven’t tried Almond Milk, Soy Milk and Rice Milk – I encourage you to do so! Use either of them as a base in your smoothie and you will get a nice, lean taste and more energy than a water based alternative.

1. Soy Milk, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, peach and fresh grapes.

Using frozen fruit and berries makes the smoothie deliciously cold and you don’t have to worry if you’ve run out of ice. If you want to make this smoothie even more filling and soft – add an egg to it!

dairy free smoothies1

2. Rice Milk, frozen blueberries, avocado, ruccola, spinach, lemon.

Trust me – blueberries, ruccola, spinache and lemon work perfectly together and give you a fresh, green taste. If you want to boost your smoothie even more – add some supergreens. If you want your drink to taste a little sweeter – change Rice Milk to Soy Milk.

dairy free smoothies2

3. Soy Milk, frozen strawberries, lactose free strawberry/vanilla whey protein.

Perfect after a workout. This back to basic recipe gives you the classic smoothie taste and it’s far better than a milkshake! To get the thick milkshake texture – add an extra spoon of the protein. Larger healthy food stores offer a great selection of lactose free protein powder.

dairy free smoothies3

4. Rice Milk, raw food protein (I used hemp protein in my smoothie), pineapple, peach and grape.

Raw food protein is the latest addition of the rapidly growing food segment that is protein powder. Hemp protein does you good, but doesn’t taste that well. But…. in this exact mixture, it came out as my favorite smoothie of the day!

dairy free smoothies4

5. Almond Milk, banana, lactose free chocolate/coconut whey protein.

For all the chocolate lovers! Almond Milk gives a great nutty taste to your smoothie, and a banana is always a good choice. This one is recommended after at hard training session. To create an even richer taste – add some cocoa nibs!

dairy free smoothies5

Enjoy! And you know what they say: One smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

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