Many of us have seen smoothies rise in popularity in recent years.

From smoothie cafés popping up in malls, to infomercials and new and powerful blenders, smoothies are everywhere! I admit, I am often on the smoothie bandwagon. Smoothies are a great way to add an extra nutritional does of vitamins, minerals, fiber and even protein in your day.

Yet time crunched mornings can get in the way of making a smoothie for breakfast.


We think, “I just don’t have the time to get the blender out, clean fruits/vegetables and get the ingredients together right now”.

So we leave the blender on the counter to collect dust, grab a snack bar and out the door we go. We may not be able to stop pressing the snooze button some mornings but we can certainly come up with a strategy to make a healthy smoothie to start our day. How? The night before of course.

We know that planning and prep are key when it comes to clean, healthy eating.


So why not make a shake the night before?

Sounds weird right? We almost never think to do this, we think that if the smoothie is not “fresh” it’s not healthy anymore. But we will buy a prepared smoothies from a grocery store that have a “best buy date”. That doesn’t make any sense! Smoothies can be made in advance and be just as tasty and the nutrient content will be intact.

Granted some of the ingredients may settle but there is no need to turn off the blender at night! If the evenings are best for you to get prepared for the next day, then go ahead and whip up your favorite smoothie. Just be sure to put your smoothie in an airtight container and of course keep those smoothies in the refrigerator.

Also, it’s okay to make more than one serving if that helps as a time saver, just be sure to drink up within a day or two.

If blending up a smoothie the night before isn’t your thing, then try these few tips to get at least plan and prep together the night before.

Then all you’ll have to do in the morning is blend!
Add the ingredients (liquids, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, seed, nuts, nut butters, etc) to the blender and keep in the fridge overnight. Save the ice to add that morning and buzz to smoothie perfection!

Make smoothie to-go bags for the week.

Place your ingredients in a freezer safe plastic bag or container and freeze. Take a bag out in the morning, add your liquids, powders and blend.

Keep a single serve blender at work. This way just grab a smoothie to-go a bag and along with your liquids, powders in to-go containers and head out the door to make with you once you get to the office.

Take it a step further and each night pack your ingredients in a lunch bag, store in the fridge and literally all you will have to do is open the fridge, grab your bag and go.

Whether made the night before or a moment before you drink, smoothies are a great way to get some additional nutritional needs met. Enjoy a smoothie any time of day, provided it fits into your daily calorie and nutrition needs.

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