Beetroot  – you  either love it or hate it!

Beetroot   actually comes in many colours, but here  the  deep purple red variety will be discussed. Its deep  rich colour  is formed from the   plant compound betacyanin.

Beetroot has   many   health benefits

It  helps support the  liver  detoxification. Research published in the  American  journal  Hypertension  found that   beetroot juice  reduced  people’s  blood pressure  after just  24 hours.

It  also  supports digestive health,  particularly   constipation due to it’s soluble fibre. While the juice helps the colon absorb water.   It is also traditionally used  for  the “test transit time” as it will  give you purple red stools when eaten in  large amounts.

For  improved tolerance to exercise, the juice taken regularly  may help and many  atheletes  take  it as part of their  training programmes. It works by increasing  nitrates, which  expands the  blood vessels to help take up oxygen.

It is  high  in the heart- healthy B  vitamin,  folic acid, and very  rich in potassium which helps flush out excess salt and helps keep body  fluids in balance, while the joint  healthy  mineral  manganese   helps support cartilage. Plus  immune  boosting  beta carotene which  converts to Vitamin  A!

A  great way to increase  beetroot into your diet  is  by adding it to a smoothie,  which helps disguise the flavour.  Adding it raw is all the better to retain the nutrients.   There are many   smoothie makers on the market   which have powerful   extractor   that  breaks up  raw vegetables/salad to provide the   nutritious  contents.

beetroot smoothie - glass

So  here are my top  five beetroot smoothies to  keep  you  nutritiously  healthy:

Beetroot   detoxer

100 g  chopped beetroot | 1 large carrot | 1 large stick of celery | 1 handful of kale | 250ml of apple juice

Beetroot   Digester

100g beetroot | Half a fennel finely sliced | 100g  of fresh pineapple | 1 dap of fresh mint | 250ml water

Beetroot   energy buster

100g chopped beetroot | 1 large banana | 1 handful of spinach | 10 slices  of  cucumber | 250ml  of coconut water

Beetroot   joint  recovery  booster

100g  beetroot | 100g  mango | Handful  of watercress | 1 inch cube of grated ginger | 250ml of apple juice

Beetroot   healthy heart

Beetroot | 100g chopped apple | Handful of rocket | 100g blueberries | 250 ml of water

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