The typical goals I hear from my clients for summer are to (1) lose fat and (2) tone muscle. The following workout is guaranteed to achieve both of those goals and the perfect summer body as long as you stick with a good routine.

What is a “good routine” then?

An ideal fitness routine consistently incorporates cardio, weight training and adequate rest.


Without all three components of fitness, you will not see results.

Also keep in mind that what you eat makes a huge impact on the amount of energy you have, which controls the consistency of your workouts.

Eat plenty of quality calories so you can expect to give good effort and have appropriate results.

An example workout schedule could look like this:

Monday – sprint cardio intervals and calisthenics
Tuesday – weight training
Wednesday – active recovery day
Thursday – weight training
Friday – sprint cardio intervals and calisthenics
Saturday – endurance cardio and weight training
Sunday – active recovery day

Sprint cardio intervals

The purpose of intervals is to burn through both types of energy storage: the sugar stored in your muscles (called glycogen) and the fat stored throughout your body.

This type of cardio can be performed in almost any setting: on the treadmill, running outdoors, cycling, swimming, etc.

Sprints are short bursts of activity between periods of moderate cardio. A sprint can be defined as 80-100% effort, meaning you are exhausting all of your energy. Moderate activity can be defined as 60-75% effort, meaning you are putting effort into the workout, but you could continue doing the activity for a while.

summer body_3The first week of sprint intervals

You will start with relatively short sprints (about 30 seconds) interspersed between longer periods of moderate activity, which is repeated until you reach a total workout of about 20 or 30 minutes.

To continue challenging yourself, bump up your sprint time every 2 or 3 weeks by adding 0:15 to each sprint.

For added challenge, once you reach a sprint time of 2:00, try subtracting 0:30 from your moderate activity!

Example Week 1 & 2:

Total workout time 25:00

– 5:00 warm up with moderate activity
– Sprint 0:30/Moderate 2:00 (repeat 6 times)
– 5:00 cool down with easy/moderate activity

Example Week 3 & 4:

Total workout time 26:50

– 5:00 warm up with moderate activity
– Sprint 0:45/Moderate 2:00 (repeat 6 times)
– 5:00 cool down with easy/moderate activity


Exercises that use only body weight are called calisthenics.

To add a quick calisthenics workout to the sprint cardio, pick 3-5 exercises from the list below (or choose your own) and perform 5 sets of 10-20 reps each.

Here are some examples of popular calisthenics exercises:
Push ups, Pull ups/Chin ups. Sit ups/Crunches. Plank Variations
Air Squats, Wall Sits, Step ups, Mountain Climbers
Burpees, Bear Crawl, Lunges, Hand Stands
Yoga, Box Jumps, Dirty Dog, Tuck Jumps

summer body_5Example Week 1:

5 Sets of 10 Reps each

– Push ups
– Alligator Plank
– Side Lunges
– Reverse lunges

Example Week 2:

5 Sets of 10 Reps each

– Air squats
– Plank Jacks
– Dive-Bomber Push ups
– 30 sec Wall sit
– Russian Twist sit ups

Active Recovery

Many people don’t understand how truly important a recovery/rest day is for a proper workout.

Your body, mind and spirit all need a break sometimes. Active recovery is a day for you to focus on other things, such as leisure activity, foam rolling, stretching, meditation, or soft tissue work.

In Part 2 tomorrow I am going to conclude with a look at weight training.

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