It is no secret that every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Just the thought that all eyes will be on you is plenty of motivation to get in shape!  In my experience brides-to-be are some of the most highly dedicated exercise enthusiasts out there, and will stop at nothing to look their best on the big day.

Generally they want to focus on certain areas of their body and this will depend on the chosen dress style and which bits are exposed or tightly hugged.  It’s all about beating the bingo wings, zapping the back fat and tightening those bums and tums! So lets look at some key areas to help make all the difference:


What you eat plays a huge part in how you look. Some experts say a whopping 80% is down to what you eat and just 20% is the exercise you do.

A good place for anyone to start is by reducing sugar intake.  I don’t just mean the obvious chocolate bars and fizzy drinks; I mean items with a high sugar content such as cereals and sauces.  It’s actually quite scary how much food on the shelves has an alarmingly high sugar content.  Start to pay attention to the labels and see for yourself!

Processed food is definitely something else you should reduce or try and cut out completely.  You will have higher energy levels as a result, clearer skin and better brain-power to complete all the things you need to do for your wedding.

My Bridal Body Blitz comes complete with a superb detoxification plan that will restore your digestive health in two weeks. This aspect of my programme has been put together by top London nutritionist Rosie Millen who knows exactly what it takes for us to absorb the best nutrients and flush out the worst of what we consume. Getting the liver to function properly and allowing the body to naturally and effectively detoxify is a direct route to greater energy, health and general wellbeing. Cleansing food and natural medicines abound in Rosie’s nutritional guide!

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Another factor you will have to consider is your consumption of alcohol.  I know we all like to have a relaxing glass of vino (or three) after work but if you’ve done a deal with your dressmaker and want to stick to the plan then I suggest you lay off the sauce.  Did you know each glass of wine contains around 185 calories.  That’s the equivalent of a slice of chocolate cake and that’s before you opt for a big glass!


It’s all well and good wanting to lose a few pounds before gliding down the aisle, but this will be completely wasted if you don’t consider your posture.  It is actually possible to look taller and slimmer just by changing the way you hold yourself.  Standing tall with a straight back, chest up and shoulders back but relaxed, can take pounds off you in one fell swoop!  Practice every day in front of the mirror and by the time you are standing out front before all your friends and family it will become second nature.

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Your “must do” beauty checklist before the big day.

Drink plenty of water

The best thing you can do for your skin is to drink water, at least 8 glasses a day.  You may find this a bit of a chore to start with but trust me your face will thank you for it, not to mention your luscious limbs.

Book in a course of facials

Whether you are a regular or not on the facial front, it’s a good idea to keep skin deeply cleansed and hydrated in the run up to your wedding, this should help ward off any unexpected breakouts.

Start a skincare routine for your body

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Exfoliate twice a week with a gentle body scrub.  Be sure to apply a hydrating body cream morning and night to ensure skin is silky smooth.

Treat your skin from within…

…with a good all round multivitamin. A product such as Forza’s Multi vitamin for dieters offers the perfect combination of Zinc which helps maintain skin hair and nails, Vitamin C for collagen formation, vitamin B for energy, vitamin K for bone health and vitamin D for the immune system which will come in handy with all that rushing around you will be doing!

If you plan to tan, give it a trial run  

There is nothing worse than an obvious fake tan tide mark or an unsightly allergic reaction, so be prepared and test out your chosen tan before the big day.  Once you are happy with the results book in at the same salon 2-3 days before your wedding for the best results.

Put your best foot first

You’ve spent a small fortune on your fancy footwear but are your feet in keeping? Book in for couple of pedicures in the month before D-Day to keep feet buffed and polished.

Don’t forget your hands!

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Many brides often overlook their hands until the very last minute, but just like your face, your hands will be the focus for many photos so make sure they are well prepared.  Book in for a couple of maintenance manicures in the month leading up to your wedding and don’t forget to keep them hydrated with a good hand cream, every day or whenever you remember.

With all of this in mind and drawing on my experiences within the bridal and fitness industries, I have created ‘The Bridal Body Blitz’.

Part 1 is all about getting into a routine with your fitness and setting some clear goals and working towards them.  Not only will you tone up and shed fat, you will also start to be aware of what you are eating and what you should avoid as you follow the accompanying detox plan.

My daily exercise plan was beautifully shot in Spain by top London production company You can follow me through sequences of exercises which will hit all the major body parts and really tone and tighten whilst blitzing fat!

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