Smoothies are as healthy or unhealthy as you make them. A pure fruit smoothie might taste great, but fill up on these and you’re not going to see the numbers on the scales drop. However, you can loose weight with smoothies if you choose the right ingredients.

There are only 3 basic rules for loosing weight with smoothies: first, always include protein as this is essential for weight loss, then choose low sugar ingredients for fibre (green leaves like spinach and kale, or berries rather than tropical fruits) and sweeten to taste with vanilla extract or (if you really need to) Stevia or xyliotol.

You’ll need the protein to balance your blood sugar, to help you feel fuller for longer and to prevent your body breaking down muscle if you’re cutting calories.


When you’re loosing weight, your body also starts to mobilise hormones that are stored in your fat cells. Fibre is the thing you need to mop up those excess hormones, while also bulking up the stool to make sure they can be excreted.

A weight-loss smoothie makes the perfect meal replacement, and breakfast is the perfect time to enjoy it.

That’s because, of all the meals in the day, it’s the one people often make the poorest choices, opting frequently for sugar-laden cereals or nutritionally-barren toast.

Smoothies are simple to make, require little washing up and are easy to just grab and go. Better still, go large and save some for a mid-morning snack.

You can go one of two ways if you want to loose weight with smoothies. Fruit and protein, which has always been considered the mainstay of smoothies, or green. Adding nutrient-dense green leafy veg immediately hikes up the nutritional value of your smoothie, which makes a green smoothie so now.

Sure, green smoothies can take a bit more getting used to. You can up the green content as you get accustomed to the taste. Once you’re used to the taste of green smoothies, add a handful of kale. Be sure to rotate your greens – switching from spinach to kale or collard greens through the week to add variety.

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Here are 3 of my favorite weight loss smoothie recipes:

Super greens smoothie

Generous handful of spinach
½ cucumber
½ banana
100g [1 cup] frozen berries
120ml [1/2 cup] water (more for a thinner smoothie)
1 scoop plain protein powder
1 tsp ground flaxseeds or chia seeds

Fruit & protein smoothie

240ml [1 cup] low fat milk or dairy-free alternative
120ml [1/2 cup] water
100g [1 cup] berries (frozen is fine)
1tbsp fat free
1 scoop plain or vanilla protein powder
1 tsp ground flaxseeds or chia seeds
1/2tsp vanilla extract
6-8 ice cubes

Peanut butter & banana smoothie

120ml [1/2 cup] low fat milk
120ml [1/2 cup] natural yoghurt
2tbsp smooth, unsweetened peanut butter
½ a ripe banana
5 ice cubes

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