How many times have you heard “I lost 50 pounds in 30 days” in television commercials and magazine ads?

These dieting messages are relentless in trying to reel you in. If you’re like me you probably roll your eyes. So many diets out there advertise quick and easy weight loss.

What they don’t tell you is how long it’s going to last


Weight loss is never as easy as diet companies make it sound. Lets face it, if you did keep it off by their methods they’d be out of business pretty quickly!

Keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it is even harder. The issue is that many don’t know how to maintain a balanced lifestyle without the guidance from diet books.

The key is understanding the elements of your body that will help you achieve your goal weight and keep it for life.

First it’s crucial to be aware of these common pitfalls that dieters often face.

You feel deprived

Deprivation is not biologically successful. In the age of hunting and gathering, your ancestors often went days without food during times of famine or drought.

Their bodies adapted to starvation and developed a system to retain energy during deprivation. Today, your body utilizes the same mechanisms as a biological response to hunger. When you deprive yourself on your diet, your body will find ways to hold on to fat tighter and stronger.

You’re low on energy

You’re tired and lethargic at work so you turn to that donut for a pick-me-up. Before grabbing the donut, think to yourself, what does my body really need?

Is it hunger that I’m feeling? Is it boredom?

how to lose weight and keep it off_2

If it is truly hunger, fuel yourself with the right foods- those that will give your body nourishment to keep you going. If you’re feeling something else, figure out what that is and find other ways to boost your energy. Step outside for a quick walk, do stretches at your desk, or connect with a friend!

You feel discouraged

Sulking in your mistakes and regrets has never helped you or anyone succeed in life. Not in your career, not in your relationships and especially not on your diet.

Diets are designed to make you think about success and failure as black and white. This kind of thinking will backfire and lead to self-sabotage.

Mistakes aren’t the be-all and end-all

When it comes to slip-ups you need to think about the big picture.

Next time you feel like you had a “failure”, think to yourself “that wasn’t exactly what I needed but next time I’ll try to make choices that body will benefit from.”

There are plenty of other active ways you can keep your body in tip top shape for life

Here are some examples:

– Set weekly goals

Striving towards your goals will keep you motivated and on target. Even if you didn’t entirely reach your goal for the week, appreciate the fact that you put in some effort and celebrate whatever accomplishments you did have. Technology and smartphone apps (such as what you can find here at WatchFit!) are a great way to set reminders and a fun way to get friends and family involved fun weekly challenges!

– Write down what and how much you eat

Okay this can be tedious, but I urge you to try this for at least one full week, including a weekend. Understanding the kinds of foods and the portions that you consume will give you a better idea of how many nutrients and energy your body is getting. This can even help you identify a cup from a half-cup or 3-ounces from 10-ounces in the future.

– Write down a list of foods that you love

Compile a list of all of the fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats and dairy products that you love. Having a list in front of you will make it easier for you to remember what’s in your kitchen and what’s not.

Find great recipes to use in the future so you never get bored with the same old meals.

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