There are diets that do not let you eat carbohydrates and others with their own line of miraculous foods that they say will nourish and make you lose weight. However, there are even crazier ones: diets with complicated planning.

These diets with times or days of fasting offset by other binges will promise you the moon and the stars. The ultimate dream of any person in perpetual diet: eat and eat to lose weight. We sometimes forget to combine foods correctly to help us lose weight fast. Take control of food and you can increase metabolism and lose weight effectively.

Phases to lose weight fast

Many of the people who follow diets usually have a slow metabolism. The key is not to eat less, but eat more and concentrate certain foods on specific days and eliminate others, of course. If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat at the end of the day.

Phase I

First two days accelerating the body’s metabolism. It is a high glycemic stage with moderate protein, carbohydrate and natural sugars amounts as well as vitamin B and C. All you have to hold off on this stage are fats.

Day one of this phase will begin with a breakfast of strawberries on toast (no wheat), a fruit mid-morning, a turkey sandwich with salad, another piece fruit for snacks and for dinner, some fish with rice and vegetables.

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Phase 2

Unlock the fat reserves in your body. We are going to combine vegetable proteins with alkaline food essentially, a “magic” combination that will destroy our love handles. No need to be fully lean protein, your protein may contain fat (welcome, steak).

A prototypical day of this phase 2 is as follow: for breakfast, an omelet, spinach and mushrooms. By midmorning, some smoked salmon with cucumber. Dining stuffed peppers. As a snack, a couple of slices of cooked turkey breast dinner, a small steak with steamed broccoli.

Once you have “unlocked” fat stores, eliminate Phase 1 and Phase 2 and add good fats, such as those we find in coconut or avocado. That is, this phase is practically a festival. An example would be for breakfast, an egg on toast with tomato.

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We can make hummus (chickpea) with vegetable crudités. At lunch, a wrap (other than wheat or corn) with lettuce, chicken breast cooked turkey and avocado. In the afternoon, a great option is a stalk of celery stuffed with peanut butter or almond, and finishing off the meal with a plate of pasta (quinoa, of course) with sautéed prawns.

For more healthy cooking recipes, click here. How we look physically it is very important to us, but more important is how we feel. Health plays a key role when trying to find a diet to lose weight and take off those extra kilos we do not like. There are countless options for weight loss, what matters is finding the diet that makes you feel good.

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