In order to lose weight off of your waist and successfully keep it off is through regular exercise, particularly a combination of both aerobic cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

Once your fitness levels start to improve and you notice positive body composition changes taking place, it is best to increase your intensity of cardiovascular exercise through the utilization of HIIT training (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training).

This will help you burn more calories in total, which means more fat loss.


Throw that in with strength training and you have one winning combination when it comes to an exercise regime, as strength training helps you to increase your metabolism throughout the day burning more calories in the long run and trimming that unwanted fat from your midsection.

Another great step to lose inches off of your waist is by switching the kinds of carbohydrates you eat.

For most, high carbohydrate food tend to add more fat and inches to one’s waist. Instead of cutting carbohydrates out of your diet altogether – which will only lead to deprivation and eventual binging – it is best to change the type of carbohydrate that you eat. Think “whole-grains” when looking for a carbohydrate instead of white or bleached.

Researchers have compared dieting groups, showing those that swapped white bread and pasta for whole wheat products while eating the same amount of calories as the other group, who didn’t make the carbohydrate swap, ended up losing twice the amount of abdominal fat even though both groups lost about 10 pounds in 3 months[1].

Therefore, make the sway to whole grain products which tend to have extra fiber and anti-oxidants (helping to control insulin) than does white carbohydrate products.

Also, limiting the amount of junk foods that you eat will also help in the battle against losing those inches off of your waist. Read nutritional labels and look for products that list sugar for sucrose or fructose within the first 3 ingredients.

Eat with mindfulness and with moderation. If you are a junk food eater try to limit the amount of junk food(s) that you eat through the use of substituting them for fresh fruit, rawnuts, or yogurt. Aim to learn what you are eating through the use of reading nutritional labels to better understand.

Lose weight off of your waist and successfully keep it off _2Slimming your waist doesn’t have to mean complete sacrifice of foods that you love. It just means making more sensible choices in order to lose the inches off of your waist that you desire.

You must remember that it is about damage control, not depriving yourself of living and enjoying what you eat. Rather, know when to draw the line with what you eat and how often to do so. Sometimes you may have an incidental indulgence (or a planned one for that matter) in which you may have to bump up your exercise or intensity in order to offset this nutritional intake.

In order to lose inches off of your waist you have to maintain a proper balance between your food intake and your current weight in order to continue to see progress or maintain the progress which you have made.

Lastly, the changes that you make to your diet and exercise regime must work for you. Remember, you are unique and one program or diet is not a one-size-fits-all.

You have to be able to maintain this new way of living for life in order to see positive changes, continue with positive changes, and maintain the positive changes.

You will be far better off in the long run making smaller changes that you can continually live with, rather than drastic sacrifices which will last you several weeks before you slip up. In order to lose that belly fat and maintain a healthy and happy weight, follow the five steps above and I assure that you will be on your way to a long term approach of shaving off inches from your waist!


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