Doubtless you will have been impressed with the fantastic dedication of all those Olympic athletes from many nations who brought home their medals, set personal best and achieved and exceeded any goals they might have had.

The story was very similar for each athlete: training for six or seven hours every day for at least six days a week, for a minimum of four years.

By comparison, dropping 1kg of weight each week requires so little effort, that you can be a winner too!


How to achieve your weight reduction goal.

• The first and most important thing to understand is that the purpose of eating food is to provide nutrition and energy to your body. If you eat more food than your body requires, it will be converted into fat. You should be able to enjoy your food but do up not use your stomach like a waste bin!

• Burning off excess calories through intense physical activity is far more demanding than reducing your calories consumed!

Follow these steps to success

1. Know what 1kg feels like. Find something in your food cupboard in a packet that weighs 1 kg. and move it from hand to hand so that you are really aware of your target weight loss each week.

As a general guide, in order to lose 1kg each week you need to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 and that’s so easy. 1 cream cheese Bagel =650 cal. I chocolate muffin=500+ Cal. 1 Burger in a bun=600 Cal.

2. Weigh yourself preferably without clothing. Note your weight and the time of day. Then put your scales out of sight for the next four weeks . When do should check in a month from now, it should be at the same time of day. Meanwhile, in place of the scales, notice changes in your looks, the fit of your clothing and how your body feels. This is your incentive to keep to your plan.

3. Select an item of clothing that would fit you when you’ve dropped 4kg and hang it on the outside of your wardrobe so that you will see it daily.

4. Imagine how you will look and feel in four weeks time after you have dropped 4kg in weight. Every day repeat that action at least three times a day.

5. Get familiar with your stomach. Make a fist with your hand. It might surprise you to know that your empty stomach is roughly that size! It expands as you eat and if you over eat, your stomach is stretched to cause you discomfort.

Your aim is to take notice of changing sensations in your stomach as you move from hungry to satisfied, stopping eating well before the discomfort point is reached.

lose 1kg a week_26. How to eat for weight loss.

• Drink a small glass of water 30 min before eating

• Use a smaller plate and serve a smaller portion. You can top up if you really need more food but before you go on autopilot – notice how your stomach feels and decline to eat more when you don’t need it.

• Before each meal, make a fist as a reminder of your stomach size.

• Give your full attention to eating. Don’t watch TV or read but concentrate on the look, taste and texture of the food you’re eating.

• Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Put your knife& fork or your sandwich down between each mouthful.

• Notice changes in stomach sensations and stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.

Exercise daily – we are not talking about Olympic standard exercise! A short walk on the way to work or during your lunchtime would be good and if you have a dog or play a sport, you are bound to get sufficient exercise each week.

The majority of people can lose weight by observing the routine detailed above.

If you find that you’re not losing weight, seek professional advice. There could be a number of reasons including food allergies. Excessive junk food will make weight loss more difficult, so look at healthy options that have been prepared at home.

Hope you enjoyed reading the useful tips to lose 1kg a week. So…

Get ready….. GO!

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