Lyn-Genet Recitas is the ground-breaking author of the New York Times and international best seller – ‘The Plan’.

A revolutionary way of looking at foods – particularly ones you have been brought up to believe are perfect for your healthy diet.

Planning for sucess

Her fascinating protocols, studies and teachings have helped 100’s of 1000’s of men and women lose weight, improve health, boost energy and effectively combat the ageing process.

WatchFit is thrilled to welcome Lyn-Genet on board as an Expert Contributor and this testimonial article reveals exactly why she and her methods are worthy of global attention…

Julie’s story

Julie has struggled in a big way throughout her life with serious weight issues and never managed to settle on a system that truly worked, was practical and found lasting results. Until she came across Lyn-Genet and The Plan. What followed was dramatic.

Starting out at 324lbs (23stone / 147kg) I never thought the day would come when I would see the 100’s on the bathroom scale again…

But now here I am at 154lbs. That’s a whopping 170lbs of weight loss. Crazy right!? life changing weight loss transformation_2

Lose weight and keep it off!

It’s amazing to me that I was able to not only lose the weight but to keep it off. I’ll never take for granted the ability to shop in regular stores and not only wear but look pretty good (even if I do say so myself) in clothes that are actually fashionable.

I mean, I was in my late teens and 20’s wearing clothes from plus sized stores and catalogues. Let’s just say they never really offered the styles and fashions a younger woman truly wanted to wear.

A wallflower no longer

It feels amazing to be able to not be ashamed of my reflection.

I used to hide myself from the world, while at parties I was a wallflower – too self conscious to mingle. Now I’d say I’m more of a butterfly. I still get a little self conscious but nowhere near what I was. In fact I recently went to a wedding and aside from eating (which I did, and without regret) I hardly sat. I danced, I mingled and I had a blast!

Thanks to ‘The Plan’, I’m a new and improved me! Because of my success I’m delighted that several family members and a few friends are now also finding success on The Plan.

I feel so humbled and honored that people would look to me for inspiration. I hope I can continue to inspire people to get healthy and take their lives into there own hands.

Take control of your life!

That’s what I did…I took control of my life which was spiralling out of control. I stood up for myself and said “Never again!”

It wasn’t always easy but I learned to push through the hard moments and keep going. I learned my strengths and weaknesses and I’ve learned not just how to eat but how to live.

So I’m happy to get quite personal and share my story with you and I hope it provides some inspiration for anybody out there who feels they are staring down an endless weight loss highway.

Come back tomorrow to discover the remarkable extend of Julie’s physical and mental transformation in Part 2.

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