If you take a look at what is on the market, whether it a nutritional supplement, a particular piece of fitness equipment, or a diet program, you need to take a look at what they are touting the product to be!

Could it be that the company that produces the product is guaranteeing a percentage weight loss?  If the consumer is not satisfied with the proposed weight loss could they receive their money back?

With the nutritional supplement CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), there is no guarantee stated on the bottle’s label as it relates to weight loss, although the product is supposedly taken in order to metabolize body fat and subsequently those that take it will lose weight.


Total Gym (the all in one, for in home use) resistance training equipment has been in business for over forty years and has plenty of success stories, but nowhere does it state that they guarantee weight loss through the use of their product.

And then there is Jenny Craig which is known for their diet programs, but does not offer guaranteed weight loss, but offers this:  “Lose ten pounds in eight weeks or your first two month’s membership fees back!”

But, one thing that brought attention to this “weight loss” craze is when Dr. Oz admitted in front of a Senate subcommittee hearing about the many weight loss supplements that he promotes on his show are not based on fact.  Dr. Oz personally believes that the products that he talks about work and he continues to study them, although he realizes that the products are controversial.

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In defense of his position he states that due to the fact that about two thirds of American adults are classified as obese, he feels that they need something for the short term so that they can potentially get a jump start on their weight loss efforts.  One of the big catches here is that many Americans are willing to drop big money on their supplements in order to see quick results.

But, with the lack of supporting studies many of these products could have more side effects than benefits, serious health risks could ensue and the lack of expert guidance is necessary in order to deem whether or not a particular supplement is the right one for a person.

A flag is raised when more and more people are spending more and more money on these products, but are gaining more and more weight, henceforth the “magic pill” syndrome.

What a person needs to do is get it straight that nothing is guaranteed as it relates to weight loss.  A person can seek out different resources that would assist them in losing weight, but they should not put all of their money or faith in a supplement, exercise device, or program looking for a guarantee.  What they should do instead is hold themselves accountable, which would potentially be a better “guarantee of weight loss”!

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