I have been helping people shed weight and lose body fat since 2009 and I have been very successful with a great many of them.

Even though they give me credit for their results, I can tell you they lose weight because of the hard work they put into their life changes. All I do is give them the right information and the right approach. I don’t sell them products or believe in myths, as many others do. I simply tell the facts that many overlook or haven’t taken the time to research.


Many of these facts are widely accepted by society yet are ignored; one example is sugar.

We use sugar with coffee, cake, ice cream, tea and foods. The truth is that we eat sugar in everything, including all the foods that we think don’t have sugar.

Most packaged foods have lots of added sugar. This is one of the reasons we like the taste. Often we opt to eat low fat products, but we forget how much sugar they contain. Also we want to eat products without any sugar, not taking into consideration the chemicals those foods have.

These chemicals can prevent the liver from doing its natural work, part of which is the chemical reaction of fat burning. Another possibility is we believe what the label says, but there may be much more sugar than the manufacturer claims.

The truth is that when my clients take my advice and get rid of processed foods including refined sugar and packaged foods, it’s not surprising that they lose pounds of fat.

Most people who eat processed foods have trouble losing weight even though they are exercising rigorously. Hiking, weight lifting and running are some exercises people do daily without seeing results because weight loss has do to with the food people eat, not just the exercise.

Eating a processed bar delivers enough empty calories to derail your exercise. Yes many of my clients come and exercise with me, but without them working on their eating habits, I would not be able to deliver the results.

starting weight loss

The fact is that no matter how difficult the exercise or how reliable the program, when people are still eating refined sugars and processed foods, it is very difficult to counter those empty calories by exercise alone. Therefore eating healthily is the base of any weight loss program.

There is no diet to follow or special product to drink, take or eat. Eat the best organic and natural foods. Give yourself time to eat (set an eating schedule), and don’t go for the already made food with all the added sugars.

There is no magic trick.

But if you want to know how to lost body fat – stop eating the wrong foods, and soon you will drop all the weight you want to lose. As soon as you remove all the processed foods and refined sugars, your body will thank you and will start changing thanks to the choice you made.

If you don’t believe me I challenge you to do the experiment for 24 days. If you don’t see the results, simply just go back to eating processed foods. You will never know what is true if you don’t experience it yourself!

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