Ooo exciting title… And the question is; “is it possible”?

Is it possible to lose belly fat without exercise?

Yes it is and I shall tell you how.


You see the thing is we call it “belly fat” But the extra inches in your middle could be down to all sorts of things.

Your bulging stomach is only likely to be totally due to a layer of surplus fat if you are overweight, in other words if you’re carrying too much fat all over.

As people get older they do have a natural tendency to accumulate fat in the belly area; women from their hormones and in men we call it “the beer belly”.

You might even find if you go on a low calorie diet (or any diet come to that) you might lose weight but your belly doesn’t go.

It might be weak stomach muscles, or your posture or it could be what you’re eating or the way you eat, for instance if you tend to eat quickly. Gulping air with every mouthful could easily lead to a bloated stomach.

And of course you cannot have a flat stomach if you are constipated.

So the way to lose belly fat without exercise needs two things really.

Firstly change your mind set.

If you think yourself thin (or slimmer, or more beautiful) you really can achieve what you desire.

how to lose belly fat without exercise2

I know that might sound a nonsense but not only do I believe it’s possible I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I believe in the Law of Attraction – which like any law has ‘rules’.

I mean you must have heard of ‘what you put out there is what you get back’ or even “what goes around comes around”

That’s it, the Law of Attraction at work.

Now I’m not saying that all you need do is wish for a flat belly and the pounds will fall off and you’ll be slim and gorgeous, but with the right mind set in place you can achieve anything you want.

So the first thing you have to do to lose belly fat without exercise is decide exactly how you want to look. You need a ‘goal’ and I don’t mean necessarily a weight goal but something that is achievable for you. Too often people set unrealistic goals, get disappointed and disheartened when they can’t reach it and give up. Which is something you’re not going to do, are you?

And setting short term goals is always a good idea too.

Say for instance a weekly goal – because if that’s reached then it’s easier to take the next step and the next and the next. Whereas if there is only one huge insurmountable goal that will take months and months to get to you’re far more likely to say bugger it and not bother

So short term goals are key.

Then the next thing is take a good look at what you’re eating.

Are you eating a lot of fried food? Or perhaps you like heavily spice meals, or those with creamy sauces. Are takeaways your downfall?

I’m not saying you can’t ever have them again but perhaps in moderation, certainly at the beginning of any new regime. And this you see is where the mind set comes in. If you believe that you’re depriving yourself, you’ll be lucky if you last a couple of weeks.

But if you tell yourself that in the short term you’d rather not have that Chinese or burger and fries because losing belly fat is important to you for how you look but also for your health.

So there is an ‘exercise’ I want you to do. But it’s not one that has you leaping around or anything like that.

It’s a verbal ‘exercise’.

I want you to say to yourself every morning when you wake “I have a beautiful healthy happy body” with a flat stomach. And I want you to chant it to yourself over and over and over again.

Because you see the conscious mind doesn’t understand what’s true and what isn’t. If you tell it something it believes it. Tell it you’re fat, or broke, or miserable, or unlucky in love and that’s exactly what it will produce. What we focus on increases.

So if you’re worried you go over your worries, hundreds of times a day.

This is no different.

Over and over in your mind (or out loud if you want) In the morning standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom when you’re cleaning your teeth say “I have a beautiful body it is healthy happy “and I have a flat tummy, or belly or stomach or whatever you want to call it.

You have to be strong and ignore the voice that will say “oh no you don’t”.

Because all that voice is trying to do is keep you safe. It doesn’t like change. It wants to protect you from disappointment.

Ignore it and keep saying “I have a beautiful body. It’s healthy happy. I have loads of energy. And I have a flat stomach”.

I promise the Law will work for you because you will find yourself wanting to eat much healthier foods. You’ll be walking with a spring in your step and before you know it you’ll be like the picture you pasted on the mirror. Your health will improve, your relationships will improve and you’ll have to go and buy lots of lovely clothes for the streamlined you.

If you need any more advice on How to Lose Belly Fat without Exercise just let me know.

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