Guarantee to Lose Weight! Well that’s a pretty outrageous statement for a start – I mean – ‘guarantee’. Who could actually say that? Well actually I just did. Because you see if you really want to lose weight, nothing will stop you – so by definition it is guaranteed!

So let’s start shall we?

There are several ways that you can guarantee to lose weight.


You could hide out for a month or two in your bedroom, go to the gym every single day, only drink the occasional glass of water, but let’s face it you probably won’t last beyond Wednesday if you last that long!

So next you could find some restrictive diet again that will not guarantee you to lose weight. Actually that’s not strictly true. You will lose weight but you’ll put it straight back on again and probably more as soon as you go back to ‘regular’ eating.

So what this title doesn’t say and what I want for you is to lose weight and keep it off, because let’s face it who wants to do all that work, get fabulous results only for it to be ruined when you go out for the night, or just go back to your ‘normal’ life.

So let’s be sensible and you have a much greater chance of losing weight and keeping it off, yes, forever. And I am not advocating life long dieting but a change of attitude which hopefully will change your eating habits.

Now I don’t know how old you are, how much you weight you really do need to lose, how long you’ve been over weight, so I’m going to give you what I call a lifestyle change.

The first thing is to change your mind set

It is a fact that thin people don’t obsess about what they eat, when they eat. They just do – eat when they’re hungry and then stop. Don’t eat when they’re not hungry. Nothing, no food, is ever ‘forbidden.

They eat what they want when they want. And don’t tell me they have a faster metabolism or thinner bones and small frames. Rubbish. Poppycock. It’s all down to mind set.

guaranteed weight loss_2

They (the thin ones) have probably grown up with and spent their lives believing that food is fuel (delicious or not) and they treat it accordingly.

So what I need to get you to do is think like a thin person. And you really can achieve that. Very Easily. By changing your thinking.

Habits, good or bad, can be learned. So what I want you to do is unlearn your bad habits and learn new ones.

And the way to do that? OK. Its very simple. But will definitely take commitment on your part.

But like anything you want to achieve you have to be committed to it. Focus on it. Not in an obsessional way but in a clear, determined way. There is a difference. And I’m going to tell you what it is.

When you go on a diet you obsess about what you’re eating, what the next meal will be, what you’re allowed and not allowed, what’s good, bad, blah blah.

Well what you’re now going to do is forget all that. And learn how to re-focus your mind. It’s you that’s in charge not your mind. And you’re going to re-programme your thoughts.

Every day you have certain habits. Routines. Like brushing your teeth, and showering (I hope!). Well this is another routine but in this particular instance it’s about changing your thoughts.

They say that any habit (good or bad) can be learned and ‘ingrained’ in 21 days. Twenty One Days. That’s all. To change your thought patterns to enable you to lose weight and keep it off. Wow.

When you worry about anything you go over it over and over again in your mind and this is what you’re going to do with your new thoughts.

To begin with every morning when you wake up, the first thing you will say is ‘I have a healthy happy slender body’. That’s it. Not difficult. But I want you to repeat and repeat it thousands of times in a day. Say it out loud.

Sing it in the shower. Say it on the way to work. Over and over again. Like you would if it was something you worry about. Day two I want you to say ‘I have a healthy happy slender body and I only eat food that tastes good and does me good’.

Again say this over and over and over. Out loud. Make up a song about it. It doesn’t matter how silly you feel or how silly you think it sounds.

A Word of Warning though. There is a little voice that will try and tell you to shut up, because you haven’t got a slender body (yet). This is your subconscious whose job it is to ‘keep you safe’.

In your comfort zone. And it will do its best to detract you from your course. IGNORE IT. Say ‘thank you for sharing’ and sing ‘I have a happy healthy slender body’ even louder’!

You will find that if you stick to this routine every single day, you will start to lose weight. You will feel better. You will choose healthier foods. You will start to have more energy. People will notice.

Changing your mind set is THE only way to do it and you can Guarantee to Lose Weight and keep it off.

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