Now the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it is the peak of the wedding season. Does that also mean that all those stunning young brides to be and handsome grooms are about to encounter an outwardly increasing waistline?

According to research some 82% of couples gain weight after their marriage. In fact a 2012 study showed women gain an average of 24 pounds in the first 5 years after marriage while their male counterparts gain on average 30 pounds in the same time. So why exactly is it that wedding bells seem to mark the end of our toned young bodies and the start of the “middle aged spread”?

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The Top 10 Reasons for Gaining Weight After Marriage:

1. Not Attracting a Partner – This is the most obvious one that every joke about people that gain weight after marriage is about. You simply aren’t looking to attract a new partner anymore so no longer care how you look.

2. Pregnancy – Obviously for a lot of newly weds, starting a family is the next step and for the women this is a major reason for weight gain after marriage. Doesn’t quite explain the men though!

3. Financial – With a new family comes a new home. Usually a bigger, more expensive home and unfortunately a difference in priorities of life. So gym memberships and healthy eating go out the door being replaced by longer work days, overtime and quicker, easier food options.

4. Eating Patterns – Eating habits can go the other way too. With many women now cooking for other people, they will be more inclined to prepare more elaborate meals than when they did as a single person.

5. More T.V – That’s right. The trusty television can also add to more weight gain after marriage as you now not only watch the shows you like but will often hang out in front of the T.V also watching your partners favourite shows and therefore often doubling your time spent on the sofa.

6. Sleeping Patterns – Sleep is the time when your body recovers and repairs itself from whatever you have done that day. Any good physical trainer will tell you rest is when your body gets all the benefits from working out. Now that you are sharing a bed with somebody else, your sleep patterns can be extremely disturbed meaning your body never gets the recovery it needs.

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7. Getting Married Was The Ultimate Goal – The unfortunate truth for many people is that marriage has been their ultimate goal for a long time. When that goal is reached, you hit a flat spot in your life much the same as many athletes feel after the big event they have training for so long for is over.

8. Self Esteem – Once you feel as if you have reached your ultimate goal in life and don’t quickly replace that goal with another bigger goal, you can really begin to feel a lack of purpose in your life. This can have a disastrous effect on your self esteem and things like emotional eating begin.

9. Lost weight for the wedding – A very often missed reason to gain weight after marriage is simply that most people lose weight BEFORE the wedding. So when they return to the lifestyle of not actually trying to lose weight then their bodies return to their same pre-wedding weight also. Making it appear as though you have gained weight but really have just returned to where you started.

10. Less External Social Pressure – Again one of the biggest reasons we gain weight after marriage is not actually anything to do with ourselves. But instead just less pressure put on us by our friends and family and societies desire for our “single and looking” population to all be trim taught and terrific.

It would seem that the major causes for gaining weight after marriage are split pretty evenly between basic, physical lifestyle changes and changes in the psychological and emotional attitudes we bring to our lives. While science shows that the happier you are in your marriage the more weight you are inclined to put on, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your new spouse will be feeling just as happy with your declining health and increasing girth.

So to avoid turning that wedding day excitement into post wedding weight gain, make sure you are both taking steps to keep your physical body in great shape, but also keep your attitude towards your new life with each other positive and prosperous and you should be able to enjoy a long, healthy, happy and SLIM marriage.


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