Intake of too much of any food can result in weight gain and can make it hard to lose weight. It has been reported that consuming a diet rich in fruits can help one to get rid of unwanted weight gain.

This is because fruits, apart from containing nutrients and minerals, are also loaded with energy boosting properties. Fruits are vital to maintaining a healthy body weight and also to sustain lost weight.

Moreover, fruits contain fewer calories and contain more fiber content, thus creating a feeling of stomach fullness.


In addition, fruits also reduce the risk of developing various conditions like kidney problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other illnesses associated with overweight. Read on to learn about some of the fruits that promote weight loss for someone following a diet plan:

Pears and Apples 

Apples and pears belong to the group of lowest-calorie fruits that are fully loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. An apple contains 80 calories and it supplies various nutrients such as 3 g of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus to include a few. These fruits are filling fruits and suppress hunger.

In contrary, pears are loaded with 100 calories and are rich in riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid and niacin, which improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, apples and pears contain a complex carbohydrate component called pectin that contributes to the normal function of intestinal tract.


Bananas are fully loaded with potassium mineral, which improves the function of cardiovascular system and other muscles. Apart from filling the stomach, Banana is a natural and healthy source that is advised to include as part of the diet.

Food cravings can be minimized by filling the stomach with a large 140-calorie banana as it is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin A and various B vitamins. Moreover, one can relieve heartburn by consuming a banana as it works by neutralizing the stomach acid.


Peaches and Apricots

Peaches and Apricots are the best satisfying food sources for a diet. These fruits, like all other fruits contain fewer calories and various nutrients like vitamin A, C and E; minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium.

Moreover, these fruits are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants and lycopene, which reduce unhealthy or bad cholesterol and decrease blood pressure. A medium-sized peach contains 38 calories and an apricot contains only 19 calories.

Moreover, the beta-carotene released from apricots is converted to vitamin A. In addition, these fruits contain fiber and possess fat burning properties.


It is always advised for dieters to have handful of berries daily as they are rich in fiber content and are low in calories.

Hence, one should consume different types of berries such as blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and vine ripened strawberries. Raspberries are healthy sources that contain more fiber compared to any other type of berry.

Moreover, it is included in various weight loss products as it cleanses the body and burns excess fat. In addition, raspberries contain abundant fiber, vitamin C and anthocyanins that are healthy nutrients.

Written by: Dr Chaitra Shivaramaiah

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