As you know the fundamentals of finding your ideal weight and sustaining it are; controlling blood sugar levels, eating a variety of foods containing plenty of fibre, vitamins and minerals, a healthy balance of good carbohydrate, fats, proteins, water to quench your thirst and taking sufficient exercise.

If you have all this in place and still finding it hard to lose weight, then here are yet more fat loss tips to follow for outstanding results.



Everyone talks about it. There are many forms, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, electrical and nutritional, any one or all of these, over a long period can put enormous extra strain on your mind and body on a daily bases.

Leading to a very wide range of aliments, slow weight loss, insufficient absorption of nutrients as well as unbalanced metabolism function.  When our bodies are under such duress, assistance may be needed.

Natural supplements with NO GMO’s, NO FLLERS or BINDERS are the best choice to help your struggling body, as the chemicals and substances contained in other products are unable to be broken down, thus more stress on the body’s systems, this intern may cause the storage of the low quality product in your fats cells or flushed down the loo, either not supportive to your body and weight lose issue.

Read your supplement labels carefully; ask yourself do I want to put that into my body? Gain professional help to choose the correct product, how much you need to take and duration of reinforcement required.

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It’s one of the hidden chemical substances that cause huge amounts of damage to our body systems along with how efficiently they all work.

Table sugar is also called sucrose this is made up of 50% glucose processed in our guts during digestion and can ultimately be used by every cell in our body and 50% fructose the sister carbohydrate in sucrose, bypasses the gut completely and goes straight to our livers then turned into triglycerides which equals fat.

Fructose turns out to be 70% sweeter than table sugar and much more addictive, so keeps you buying and eating. Consider a cleanup and fine tune your healthy eating plan, if you are eating low fat products…look at the sugar content, go back to natural organic produce choices.

These are yet more fat loss tips to follow for outstanding results, as well as enjoying optimum health.

(Yet more) fat loss tips to follow for outstanding results2Avoid salted nuts, crisps, preserved meats and reduce sodium-based table salt products.

Avoid all margarines (its only one molecule away from plastic), full fat milk or full fat hard cheese. In most cases the weight is coming from foods that you tend to eat every day or crave the most.

Keep a food diary and note, what you eat, when you eat it, why you are eating it(what mood are you in) the speed you are eating and if you are concentrating on the colour, taste, smell of the food or just eating on the run, thus not being rewarded with the full and satisfied feeling.

Friendly foods; eat more organic thus less pesticides these sit in your fat cells making it harder to eliminate. A great way to kick boost the metabolism is a green and fruit smoothie for breakfast.

Experiment with your meals by adding brown rice, spelt, quinoa, millet and lentils.

Onions, ginger, spring greens, spinach, pak choy, celery, pineapple and apples are great foods for assisting weight loss too.

Living a demanding fast past life style can have its impact on our health.

If you are truly making great choices with your food but getting bloating, headaches, tiredness and other symptoms or even areas of fat that are not moving, this may be due to underactive thyroid, food intolerances causing water retention or insulin resistance (causing the liver to be over loaded with toxins, which your body then stores as fat cells). Seek professional advice in these cases.

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