Kettlebells are some of the most versatile and useful exercise tools.

They can be used very much in the same way as traditional dumbbells, and they also take on a life very much of their own and can be used to change up basic exercises and stress the muscle in a slightly different way.

High intensity kettlebell workout

As the title states, this workout will consist of a high intensity combination of leg and abdominal exercises, ranging from powerful movements in quick bursts to static holds.

The combination of these different modalities are put together to keep heart rate high to burn calories, but also to stimulate muscle growth (in a good way) to help get the long and lean muscle look.

There will be an array of exercises that will target all areas of the thighs and abs.

While the title states that this is a daily kettlebell workout, it is best to take a day off in between each workout to allow for proper muscle recovery. You can, however, use this in conjunction with a workout that is more upper body focused on your off days, which I will include.daily kettlebell workout_2Without further ado, here is the workout. All grouped exercises are to completed as supersets, meaning one set of each exercise is to be performed successively.

Lower Body Upper Body
Superset #1
Goblet Squat
Weighted Crunch
Kettlebell Thruster
Single Arm KB Row
Superset #2
Weighted Russian Twist
KB Chest Press
KB Woodchop (low to high)
Superset #3
(4×20/30 sec)
Overhead Walking Lunge
KB Plank
KB Crush Grip
KB Farmer Carry
MetCon Circuit
(20 sec/each, 3 total circuits)
Bodyweight Jump Squats
Skater Jumps
High Knee Sprints
Rocky Sit Ups
KB Up and Over
Plank Drag
Burpee High Pull
Mountain Climbers
Rotational Swings

Your fitness level

Depending on your current fitness level and goals, there are a couple of different ways you can split this workout up.

If you’re fairly new to the fitness game: a two ­days on, one day off schedule works best.

This means you perform the lower body workout on Monday and Thursday, the upper workout on Tuesday and Friday, and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off.

If you are more advanced: you could move to an 8­ day split. This split changes the workout schedule a bit each, but makes sure that you get proper rest to recover your muscles and avoid burnout. For this system, you would break workouts off into 3’s, meaning one 3 day split going lower body, upper body, lower body, then a day off.

You would then pick back up with upper body, lower body, upper body, day off. This 8 day cycle would keep repeating for 8/­10, upon which a change in program would be advised.

What you eat

As with any workout program, a proper diet is key to seeing the results you want to see. As the old age goes, you can’t outrun bad diet.

If you would like any help with your diet, or a more individualized workout program, please feel free to contact me and I can help get you on the right track.

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