When embarking on that fitness plan and mentally gearing yourself up to change your life and making it healthier for the good, for some its quickly over before they begin and others seem to manage it.

The media don’t make it any easier with endless glossy magazine photos of the latest celebrity who lost x amount of body weight, but the clever psychology behind it is staring you right in the face:

What I mean by this there’s a celebrity who has just given birth only a month ago and they are back to their normal weight, then there’s the celebrity who’s eating has just got out of control from constant indulgencies of unhealthy foods and guess what they loose the weight.


Straight away women who share the same experiences as giving birth to over eating can relate to this and look at glossy magazines as their holy grail of answers, news flash the answer is no.

On top of that there are the endless health companies who make you believe that buying their products or taking a stupid 90 day challenges will change your life, the questions is what happens when you stop consuming their products or on that note after a 90 day challenge? The point when embarking on that healthy lifestyle is to make it a lasting one not a quick fix.

Lets look at the bigger picture here a quick fix results to quick failure, you can consume as many diet pills and skip meals to taking part in 90 day challenges, but this can not train the mind often leading you to square one from the non lacking of the brains natural function (release of endorphins) and guess what this can only be achieved through exercise.

It’s no wonder that companies like Herbal Life and valasis challenge have seen this opportunity, so why not implement their products with fitness, even better search the data base for all known fitness professionals to sell their products, after all they are fitness professional and automatically the brain of the targeted audiences thinks this is the answer, not!

Firstly to any fitness professional out their distributing such products please give me evidence of this been taught in nutritional, gym fitness to Personal Trainers, courses as I do not recall this when I undertook my qualifications?

10 little known reasons to not crash diet2

Secondly its no wonder why people fail before they start with the above mentioned, when really what we should be doing is educating the nation, not miss-leading them under the conclusion that a quick fix is the solution, but rather in the format that your health & wellbeing should coincide with your lifestyle, not for a week but for good.

10 little-known reasons not to crash diet for weight loss is not highlighted enough and if continually done throughout years you the individual will be on the receiving end but not for the good, here is why:

1- You slow down your metabolism, (the process that converts foods into energy to function)

2- You can bring on depression (starving the body of needed nutrients) especially if you are constantly yoyo dieting from eating a nutritional diet to plain simple lard.

3- Your mental ability is not at its sharpest making you rational with making decisions.

4- Stretch marks don’t only come from pregnancy; constant crash diets can also give you stretch marks from loosing weight quick to putting it on this also applies to men too.

5- Crash diets can also make you appear older than you are if done for a pre-long period.

6- Crash diets can place a strain on your heart especially (if it consists of a very low-calorie regimens and continuously done for a long period of time) or in general crash dieting repeatedly increases the risk of heart attacks.

7- Crash diets can cause a drop in blood pressure and sodium depletion.

8- Crash diets also make you gain more weight than what you began with.

9- Crash diets in some cases when weight is lost quickly can bring on gallstones.

10- crash dieting for pre-long period has also been linked to anorexia and bulimia.

So the next times you decide to crash diet think of the dangers you are putting your body under, the quick root is not the way forward but having your health in check is, be kind to you and your body will love you for it not for a short period but for life, by the way crash diets do not give you this guarantee the questions here is are you in for the long run or the short run, the decision is your?

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